PSY 001 Subject Pool Participation

As a student in PSY-001 at Westmont College, you are required to participate as a subject in psychological research. This may involve a variety of activities.

Please note that ONLY those activities pre-approved by your instructor will satisfy the requirement.

Research Study Sign Up for PSY 001 Students Student Researchers

Why do PSY001 students participate in the subject pool?

Some reasons include:

  • Your participation helps upper-division students and faculty complete research projects.
  • Your participation in psychological research advances the field of psychology.
  • Your participation contributes to your own understanding of scientific methods, psychological phenomena, and the academic discipline of psychology. To this end, you will receive a written debriefing from the experimenters for each study in which you participate.

How do I satisfy this course requirement?

  • You can sign up for research studies on the web. You should check this web site often, and sign up well in advance of the date of the study.
  • Participation times vary, typically between 20 and 50 minutes for a single participation credit. Longer studies are worth more credits.
  • You must complete enough research studies to earn at least 3 participation credits. If you sign up for a study but fail to attend, you will lose a credit.

How do I sign up for an research study?

  • You sign up for a study on the web. You should check this web site often.

What if I don't want to be a subject pool participant?

  • Your instructor has alternative assignments for students who are unable or unwilling to participate in experiments; see your instructor.

What if I don't complete the required number of studies/assignments?

  • If you don't earn the assigned number of credits or complete the alternative assignments, you will receive a grade of F in the course. Therefore this assignment is important even though it is not a graded assignment.

What if there aren't enough studies available?

  • If studies are available but not at a time convenient for you, you must complete alternative assignments.
  • If there are genuinely not enough studies available, your instructor will make available equivalent activities (e.g., online experiments) to earn the required number of credits.

How do I know that these studies conform to ethical guidelines?

  • An Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews all Westmont studies for ethical methodology.
  • In the case of student researchers, a Westmont professor supervises all projects.
  • You always have the choice to stop participating, without penalty, at any time.
  • The data that you generate are strictly confidential, and any reports of those data will protect your right to privacy.

What if I've got questions?

Feel free to talk with your instructor, or contact the Chair of the Psychology Department at or x6071.