Timetable for Applying

(from Peterson's Guides, 1989)

Junior Year

Research areas of interest, institutions, and programs
Talk to advisers about schools, programs, and the application process
Investigate financial aid opportunities available at various schools

Summer after Junior Year

Register and prepare for appropriate graduate admission tests
Write for application materials
Visit institutions of interest if possible
Write your personal statement
Check on application deadlines and rolling admissions policies

Senior Year, Fall

Take the required graduate admission tests
Obtain letters of recommendation your professors
Complete applications and send them in
Submit GAPSFAS application

Senior Year, Spring

Check with all institutions before the deadline to make sure your file is complete
Visit institutions that accept you
Send deposit and confirmation of your commitment to enroll to the institution that you decide to attend
Notify the rest of the graduate programs to which you were accepted that you will not be enrolling so they can invite other students to attend
Send thank-you notes to people who wrote your recommendation letters, informing them of your success

There are also timetables printed in Appendix A of Getting In . . . and in Insider's Guide . . ., among others.