Dr. Ruben Paredes (Tito)

Tito Paredes

Professor of Anthropology
Phone: (805) 565-6276
Email: rparedes@westmont.edu
Office Location: Deane Hall 216

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Rubén (Tito) Paredes

Rubén (Tito) Paredes has been teaching as Visiting Professor of Anthropology at Westmont since 2012 and served as Department Chair from 2012-2013. One of the evangelical and ecumenical leaders in Peru, Dr. Paredes was a founder of the Evangelical Andean-Amazonian Missiological Center (CEMAA), designed to promote the holistic mission of the church in Peru and the Andean area. Since 1994, he has been the Director and Professor of Anthropology and Missions at the Orlando E. Costas Graduate School of Mission in Lima. Over the last couple decades, Dr. Paredes has served on numerous boards and commissions for organizations such as World Vision, the World Council of Churches, and the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies. For over a decade, he was the General Secretary of the Latin American Theological Fraternity, and has written widely on issues of human rights, human needs, contextualization and Christian responsibility. Tito is married to Joy and have three grown children, Tania, Marcos and Miguel who is married to Pamela, they have two children Adriana and Victoria.

Dr. Paredes teaches:

  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • Gender & Sex Roles in Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • Peoples and Cultures of Latin America
  • Applied Anthropology
  • Cross Cultural Communication


  • Ph.D. in Anthropology, UCLA
  • M.Div., Fuller Theological Seminary
  • M.A. in Anthropology, UCLA
  • B.A., in Anthropology UC Berkeley

Research Interests:

  • Indigenous peoples of Andean South America
  • The Protestant Movement in Latin America
  • Dialogue between Christian Faith, Anthropology and Theology

Selected Publications

Books in Spanish:

  • El Evangelio: un tesoro en vasijas de barro. Buenos Aires: Ediciones Kairós (2000). 
  • Con Permiso para danzar.  Lima Peru, Ediciones CEMAA (2005)
  • Misiones de Corto Plazo (ed.),  Lima Peru, Ediciones CEMAA (2009)

English Articles:

    • “Culture and Development,” A Christian Response to Human Need, Consultation of the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, Wheaton – Illinois 1983.
    • “Peace and Hope for Peru:  Living in the aftermath of Shining Path”, Latin America Evangelist, March-June 2001, Vol.81, Nº1, pp. 12 –13.
    • “Popular Religiosity:  A protestant perspective,” Missiology: Qn International Review V. 20, Nº 2, April 1992.
    • “Peruvian Protestant Missionaries and the Struggle for Human Rights 1980 – 1993”, TRANSFORMATION:  An International Evangelical Dialogue on Mission and Ethics, Vol. 13. Nº 1, January – March 1996, pp. 1 – 7.
    • “The Protestant Movement in Ecuador and Peru:  A comparative Socio-Anthropological Study of the Establishment and Diffusion of Protestantism in Two Central Highland Regions”, PhD dissertation in Anthropology.  University of California – Los Angeles, 1980 (available in microfilm services).