Toy Theatre by Yulya Dukhovny

An introduction to Toy Theatre

Yulya Dukhovny, a multidisciplinary artist, often defines her live shows as a paper animation performed life in a vertical 2D scenic space. This form of visual theater inspired by means of a miniature art of Toy Theater. Six-inches paper figures turn into voyagers wading through the metaphorical landscapes and faraway lands on a tiny wooden stage...

“Into the Rice Fields”
A 30-min piece unfolds on a toy size wooden stage. The performer animates metaphorical paper sets - drawings, objects, dioramas and movable pictures, while becoming a part of the visual.
"From immemorial time the shores of Japan have been swept at irregular intervals of centuries by enormous tidal waves..."
The original play (by Dukhovny) was inspired by the work of two extraordinary philosophers and "travelers in time": Lafcadio Hearn, writer (1850 - 1904) and Tōru Takemitsu, composer (1930 – 1996). The "intersection" between these two worlds of sound and word represented in this piece by the literary phenomenon of Lafcadio Hearn's short stories and the avant-garde music of Tōru Takemitsu. The two sound layers of text and music express a spatial concept of the Japanese "Ma" ("a void that isn't empty, an absence that is really a presence, a space between things that is full of energy").
Applied to the audiences 10+
Seating is limited due to the miniature performing art form.

Conceived, designed and performed by Yulya Dukhovny

Yulya Dukhovny at Westmont 2018