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Language Laboratory

English-Modern Languages

Mary Blackwood Collier
Mary Docter
Leonor Elías

Westmont College
Modern Languages
955 La Paz Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93108

Graduates with a Westmont degree in Modern Languages are expected to be:

1) Fluent in the Language: Graduates attain near-native fluency in the foreign language (in all four skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing) and possess the tools necessary to interact gracefully with those of other cultures. Our graduates also write well in the target language, expressing themselves not only with grammatical accuracy, but also with clarity and elegance. (cf. Standard 4: Written and Oral Communication)

2) Critical-Interdisciplinary Thinkers: Our graduates are trained in how to read, interpret, contextualize, and analyze works of literature, and are knowledgeable in theories of literary analysis. They are familiar with the “great works” of their country of study, as well as the social, historical, and political context in which they were produced. Our graduates are capable of thinking critically, abstractly, and creatively. They also think broadly, making relevant connections between language and literature and other disciplines such as the arts, history, sociology, political science, and religious studies. (cf. Standard 2: Critical-Interdisciplinary Thinking)

3) World Christians: Our graduates know and live the Christian faith, and are prepared to share it graciously with peoples of other languages and cultures. They have the understanding and skills necessary to engage people unlike them in terms that affirm the other as another person created in God's image. They are sensitive to those from other cultural and ethnic backgrounds, respect alternative viewpoints, and understand and appreciate the diversity of God's rich creation. (cf. Standard 3: Diversity; Standard 1: Christian Orientation)

4) Life-long Learners: When our majors graduate, they realize that their education is just beginning. Our graduates possess not only a love of their discipline, but of learning in general, and are motivated to continue seeking opportunities for intellectual, social, and spiritual growth throughout their lives. They are informed citizens, ready and able to contribute to their community, their society, and their world. (cf. Standard 5: Active Societal and Intellectual Engagement)

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