These schedules are given to you as guidelines for what typical course schedules and related activities would look like. Please use these to help plan your own schedules and activities.

Since most of the pre-medical students major in Biology or Chemistry, these schedules are included. In addition, a third schedule without any major specific courses is also included.

Please understand that these schedules are based on what most medical schools require. Any specific medical school you are planning on applying to may have additional or different requirements. You need to check with these schools and arrange you own schedule accordingly.

Biology, General Track

Biology, Cellular/Molecular Track

Chemistry, Biochemistry Track

Kinesiology, Pre-Med Track

Any Major

G.E. Course abbreviations used in the document:

imd Integrating the Major Discipline
pp Productions and Presentations
ps Exploring the Physical Sciences
ls Exploring the Life Sciences
q Quantitative and Analytical Reasoning
ra Reasoning Abstractly
ril Reading Imaginative Literature
a Performing and Interpreting the Arts
ss Serving Society and Enacting Justice
tg Thinking Globally
th Thinking Historically
us Understanding Society
w Writing/Speech Intensive
wla Writing for the Liberal Arts
cc Common Contexts
fl Modern/Foreign Language
m Major required course