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Contact Information
Office of
Public Safety
Westmont College
955 La Paz Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93108

Chemical Hygiene Plan

1.0 Introduction

Westmont's goals, and the objectives of this Chemical Hygiene Plan, are to:

  • Protect the health and safety of Westmont College's faculty, staff, students, and guests.
  • Provide safe work and learning practices - academic, research, and administrative - for faculty, staff and students..
  • Provide useful information to faculty, staff, and students about health and safety hazards.
  • Identify and reduce risk from health and safety hazards and encourage faculty, staff, and students to report hazards.
  • Provide information and safeguards for those on campus and in the surrounding community regarding environmental hazards arising from operations at Westmont.

To fulfill this college policy and to comply with 8 CCR 5191, Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories, this Plan has been developed which describes specific requirements for program administration, hazard control, disposal, training and emergency management of hazardous chemicals in laboratories [and elsewhere].

In addition, Section 10.0, Cal/OSHA Regulated Carcinogen of this Plan addresses the use of chemical carcinogens in the laboratory to fulfill compliance requirements with 8 CCR 5209 (Carcinogens). This section includes requirements for registration, reporting, control methods, and emergency management of chemical carcinogens.

Requirements outlined in this Plan are mandatory by Cal/OSHA regulations where the word "shall" is used.