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Public Safety
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Chemical Hygiene Plan

Personal Protective Equipment

7.0 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE is considered a last resort for protecting employee health and safety and is used only if substitution, engineering and/or administrative controls are not feasible. Employees must be trained on the proper use and care of PPE. Consult the SOP, MSDS, PI/Laboratory Supervisor or SO/CHO to determine the correct PPE for the chemical or process.

7.1 Types of PPE

The following PPE are required in chemical laboratories:

Eye and face protection: Safety glasses with side shields, chemical splash goggles, and face shield.

Skin protection: Laboratory coat, chemical resistant gloves, closed-toed shoes, long sleeved shirts, long legged trousers, chemical splash apron, arm covers, head covers, total body suits.

Respiratory protection: Air purifying half-face or full-face, supplied air respirators (airline or SCBA) are used when necessary to maintain exposure below the Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL). Employees may only use respirators if they have been trained, fit-tested, examined by a physician and authorized by EH&S. Respirators shall be selected and used in accordance with 8 CCR 5144.

Hearing Protection: Earplugs, and earmuffs.


PPE must function properly at all times in order to protect the health and safety of laboratory employees. This equipment must be maintained and tested according to the following schedule:

Equipment Testing Frequency (minimum) Responsible Party Standard
PPE (i.e., gloves, safety glasses, respirators Visual inspection at each use Laboratory 8 CCR 3380-3385