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Contact Information
Office of
Public Safety
Westmont College
955 La Paz Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93108

BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT Chemical Hygiene Plan

Biology Department

Our departmental chemical hygiene plan incorporates the college-wide plan and supplements it in the following section/s:

3.0 Designation of Responsibilities
Our Chemical Hygiene Officer is Frank Percival (805/565x6119; safebio@westmont.edu) .

4.0 Standard Operating Procedures
The following SOPs are unique to our department.

7.0 Personal Protective Equipment

Splash goggles
Visor goggles
UV safety face shield
Non-toxic particle masks
Latex gloves
Rubber gloves
Autoclave gloves
Rubber mitts
Lab coats
Splash aprons

11.0 Waste Disposal Program

Waste beakers are made available for labs requiring hazardous materials. The beakers are then collected by the lab coordinator, and disposed of in the appropriate waste canisters for heavy metals, halogenated solvents, and non halogenated aqueous organics located in the Chemistry building .

After dissection, preserved organisms are placed into large waste canisters located the a laboratory storeroom.

Bacterial plates from the Microbiology lab are sterilized with the autoclave, bagged, and disposed of in the dumpster adjoining the Biology building.

App A. Safety Rules

Chemical Inventory

Click here for a listing of the MSDS-governed chemicals used in this department.