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Contact Information
Office of
Public Safety
Westmont College
955 La Paz Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93108

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Appendix C. Medical Follow-up


All employment-related chemical incidents and exposures must be reported to Human Resources at 805/565x6101. All student incidents and exposures must be reported to the class professor or to department staff. Make your report prior to treatment if at all possible, or immediately after treatment in emergency situations.

Note: "Medical Surveillance" is the language used in OSHA standards and publications for what is Medical Follow-up at Westmont College. This language will thus be used in the rest of this section.

1) What is the Purpose of Medical Surveillance?

The purpose of a medical surveillance program is to monitor the health of employees who may be exposed to certain categories of hazardous substances or activities.

2) When is Medical Surveillance Required?

Employees who work with hazardous chemicals in the laboratory shall be provided the opportunity to receive medical attention when:

  • Exposure monitoring reveals an overexposure.
  • Signs or symptoms of chemical exposure develop.
  • A spill, leak, or explosion or other occurrence results in a hazardous exposure (potential overexposure).

3) Who Pays for Medical Surveillance?

Westmont College covers the cost of occupationally-related medical surveillance for employees.

4) Who Provides Medical Surveillance?

Licensed physicians at Santa Barbara Industrial Medical Group provide routine and emergency medical surveillance services to Westmont College employees. (Note: Student employees receive surveillance through the SBMIG as well. Students receive medical surveillance from the Westmont College Health Center. )

5) Where are Medical Records Kept?

Employee medical records are maintained by the service provider (e.g. SBMIG). Student records are maintained at the College Health Center for office visits and at the location of service for referrals.  All student records are or can be made available through a request to the Health Center.

6) How do I Obtain a Medical Exam?

a) Routine Medical Surveillance

  • Incident Assessment: Contact Public Safety at 805/565x6043 for an evaluation of the chemical operation. This evaluation will establish if surveillance is required.
  • Scheduling Medical Exams: You must contact HR at 805/565x6101 in order to schedule medical exams.

b) Emergencies

  • Initial Treatment of Exposed Employee: In the event of an employee's skin or eye contact with a hazardous chemical (potential overexposure), follow appropriate emergency treatment (e.g., flushing skin/eyes in eyewash safety shower, removing contaminated clothing, calling 8-911, etc.).
  • HR: Contact HR immediately at 805/565x6101 to report the incident. If the incident occurs after hours, on a weekend or during a holiday, leave a voice mail as soon as possible. Cal/OSHA requires reports of accidents withing 48 hours and of deaths within 24 hours.
  • PS: Contact PS immediately at 805/565x6043 for an evaluation of the chemical operation. This evaluation will establish if surveillance is required.