Abbey FragosaAbbey Fragosa

Assistant Registrar & Academic Advising Coordinator



Who Am I?

I’m a Santa Barbara native with a love for literature and the California coast.  I’ve been a student and/or employee at Santa Barbara City College, University of California, Santa Cruz, and Notre Dame de University  and have experienced the wide depths that the college experience has to offer. 

What Do I Do here?

As an Assistant Registrar, I assist students in background technical support to ensure that students have the appropriate majors/minors, are able to register, in addition to a myriad of other background issues. 

As the Academic Advising Coordinator, I strive to work with students that are in need of academic assistance and guidance as they navigate through their tenure at Westmont College. 

Why Do I Stay?

My personal experiences with many different types of school systems have shown me the variety of support (or lack of support) that students are offered, as well as, given me a strong foundation for understanding the needs of today’s college student.

My goal at Westmont College is to provide solid academic support to all students, no matter what stage they’re at.  The small community that Westmont provides is ideal for students that want or need access to resources that other schools cannot offer.  I hope to make Westmont students aware of these resources whether in group settings or with one-on-one attention to ensure success.