Changing Your Advisor

On your admission application you were asked what your areas of academic interest were. That information was used to assign you to an academic advisor. We know that often students will change their mind regarding a major or minor. That is fine! We expect that to happen as you learn more about yourself and the various subject areas at Westmont. You must let us know when you have changed your mind and have found another advisor. This will help us keep track of your academic records and make sure we get needed information into your hands.

To change your advisor:

  • Obtain a Change of Advisor form from the Student Records Office or from the Registrar's web site.
  • Visit your FORMER advisor and get his/her signature so they know to pass on your advising file to your new advisor.
  • Then visit your NEW advisor and get his or her signature.
  • Bring the form back to the Student Records Office.

A simple process, yet very important to your academic success!