Advisor’s Responsibilities

  • Post office hours and let students know what times are available for advising.
  • Provide accurate and specific information. 
  • Be familiar with the college catalog and departmental offerings.
  • Listen to the student.  Guide the student in the decision making process.
  • Review student’s registration material to ensure the proper selection of courses.
  • Suggest other available resources.

The Student’s Responsibilities

  • Contact and keep in touch with advisor (best to do well in advance of official registration)
  • Come to appointments with the necessary materials. 
  • Ask specific questions. 
  • Be familiar with the college catalog.
  • Discuss concerns regarding major, life choices, vocation, etc.
  • Build a schedule of classes based on courses needed or desired.
  • Ask about college resources

Adapted from How You and Your Advisor will Work Together, University of Iowa, 1981