Television available in the Dining Commons

Updated 1/23/2017

Please do not touch the controls on the screens.
Sodexo will power the screens on and off daily.

Please use the remote located below Screen #1 (larger screen) for changing channels
on Screens #1 and #2.
Please do not remove the remote from this location.

Please do not change anything on Screen #3 (closest to kitchen). Only CNN and Fox News are available on this screen and it changes automatically at the top of every hour.

Please use the amplifier in the corner for volume control of Screen #1,
which is connected to the room's speakers.

On the smaller screens #2 and #3, please leave the sound off and captions on.

The televisions located in El Tejado in the Dining Commons have been set for viewing channels
approved by the college's administration.The remote can be used to access the following channels
on Screens #1 and #2:


If there is a problem with the DirecTV service,please contact us via email at