Laundry System

Updated 9/11/2017

Register your laundry card, and purchase value on-line at

The WashPin system does not accept debit cards for payment. Please be ready to make payment by credit card when you register your WASH Laundry Card to purchase value.

Make sure the WASH Laundry Card you possess has a serial number printed on the back, and that on the front it also has in the bottom right corner a white dot with a blue "G" on it. If your card is missing either, contact Bill Groeneveld at for a replacement.

Do not use hyphens (-) or commas (,) in your name or address when you register on the site. This has been known to create problems with registering and/or redeeming the value at the PinMate machine.

International students/guests will not be able to register their card using their international address. Please use another appropriate address in the United States, or just use the college's address (955 La Paz Road, Santa Barbara CA 93108)

Redeem your on-line purchase to your card at one of these PinMate machine locations:

Armington Hall Bldg D laundry room on first floor
Clark Hall Lower A lobby near stairs by vending machines
Emerson Hall By water station in foyer near back entrance

Global Leadership Center

By water station outside South Hall laundry room

Mailing Services In lobby across from outbound services window
Ocean View Apartments Laundry room
Page Hall Laundry room
Van Kampen Hall Laundry room

PinMate Machine