Chapel CD's

The Westmont Worship Team has recorded several CD's of live worship from Westmont's Chapels. All profits from CD sales go towards paying off operating costs and seeding any future Chapel CD projects. Visit the Westmont Bookstore to order a copy.

We hope these CD's give a snapshot of the Worshiping Community here at Westmont, and act as a reminder of God's faithfulness over the years.

Click on a link below to view examples:

  1. The Love of God: Westmont Chapel '03-'04
  2. Before All Things: Westmont Chapel '05-'06
  3. In the Sanctuary: Westmont Chapel 2006-2007
  4. The Sea Will Resound: Westmont Chapel '07-'08
  5. All The Saints: Westmont Chapel '08-'09 (pictured below)
  6. City of God: Westmont Chapel '09-'10
  7. As It Is in Heaven: Westmont Chapel '10-'11

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All The Saints: Westmont Chapel 2008-2009

All The Saints


Click on a linked track to hear a sample:

Disc 1:

  1. Marvelous Light
  2. Our God Saves
  3. World Undone
  4. Cannons
  5. Mighty To Save
  6. Lord of Lords
  7. All The Saints
  8. All Of My Hope
  9. Holy, Holy, Holy
  10. The Stand
  11. Oh The Blessed Condescension
  12. Fully Yours
  13. Hosanna
  14. Tea Fire Message

Disc 2:

  1. Ancient Words
  2. Variations on a Shaker Melody
  3. Symphony Number 93 - Adagio Assai
  4. Symphony Number 93 - Largo Cantabile
  5. Symphony Number 93 - Menuetto Allegro
  6. Symphony Number 93 - Presto Ma Non Troppo
  7. What Wondrous Love Is This?
  8. For the Sake of Our Children
  9. Peace Unto Zion
  10. Where Riches Is Everlastingly
  11. Lord I Want To Be A Christian
  12. And Every Stone Shall Cry
  13. A Spotless Rose
  14. A Star Shall Rise Up Out Of Jacob
  15. Table Grace
  16. My Soul Is Anchored In The Lord
  17. Steal Away
  18. Almighty And Everlasting God
Album Credits

Recorded December 2008 – March 2009

Executive Producers: Ben Patterson and Michael Shasberger

Produced by: Joel Patterson

Pro Tools/Recording Engineer: Dan Bos at Truetone Productions (

Mixed by: Dan Bos and Joel Patterson

Mastered by: Dan Bos at Truetone Productions

Graphics & Layout: Taylor Gray

Copy Editor: Erin Patterson

Tech Support/Live Mix: Brad Elliott and the Westmont Sound Crew

String arrangements on “Fully Yours” by Ruben Cortez

Choir Directors: Michael Shasberger, Steve Hodson, and Grey Brothers

Orchestra Conductor: Michael Shasberger

The 2008-2009 Westmont Worship Team:

Joel Patterson, Director of Music and Worship: bass, vocals

Kristen Brizendine – keyboards, B3 vocals

Eben Drost – keyboards, B3

Elizabeth Clendenen – percussion

Kevin Foote – percussion, vocals

Ruben Cortez – acoustic, vocals

Brandon Waybright – acoustic, vocals

Elise Witek – acoustic guitar

Ian Dwyer – electric guitar

Michelle San Jose – electric guitar

Geoff Jensen – wah wah pedal/granfalloon

David Fertello – drums, vocals & violin

Wes Hargrove – bass

Roxanne Love – drums

John Miller – drums

Daniel Sheasby – violin

Julia Matallana – viola

Christi Davis – soprano vocals

Kevin Wright – tenor vocals

Dana Zacharia – soprano vocals

Erika Olson – alto vocals

The Westmont Chamber Orchestra

The Westmont Chamber Singers

The Westmont College Choir

Special thanks:Colleen Atkinson, Michael Shasberger, Ben Patterson, Brad Elliott and the Sound Crew,Michele Mollkoy, Benji Bruneel, Tina Valencia, Elena Yee, Angela D'Amour,Serena Bos, Erin Patterson,Dan Patterson, Dwight Beal. Soli Deo Gloria.