Capax Dei


We are excited that you are interested in Capax Dei groups for discipleship and spiritual formation. What an adventure we will share together as we pursue growth in the Lord and a deeper experience of God through the Scriptures!

What is the purpose of the Capax Dei groups?

  • Capax Dei small groups are envisioned as a way to explore the cultivation of a deeper, more solid relationship with Christ that is rooted in the Word of God and in prayer, in order to nourish lifetime habits of faithfulness.

How do the groups work?

  • In the fall semester, we will use a Spiritual Formation Study Guide called “Contemplative Bible Reading: Experiencing God Through Scripture” by Richard Peace. We will use this book as a guide to help us explore how to read the Bible both analytically and contemplatively, with both mind and heart.
  • During the spring semester, many of the groups will be using "Celebration of Discipline" by Richard Foster. This book explores the spiritual disciplines of meditation, prayer, fasting, and study that faithful Christrians have been practicing for centuries.
  • The groups will usually consist of some group discussion of the study guide content for that week, prayer and practice of contemplative Bible reading as a group, and some quiet time spent alone for prayer and reflection.
  • Groups are led by Westmont faculty, staff, and alumni. Most groups meet off-campus in the home of one of the leaders and last an hour and a half. Rides will be coordinated as needed.

When do we start?

  • All groups will start the week of September 26th and will last about ten weeks.

What is expected of a Capax Dei group member?

  • If you are interested in joining a group, we encourage you to commit to weekly attendance.
  • In order to get the most out of our time together, we also encourage you to practice private prayer and scripture reading on your own time. It is also recommended you read the (short) chapter in the study guide prior to the meeting each week.
  • Most of all, come with a yearning to know God better and a hunger to hear from him through the Scriptures.