Current Students Page

The Current Students Page is the main portal for current students to easily access frequently used applications.

Posting on this page:

  • Image must be .jpg or .png. No other format will be accepted.
  • Image must be exactly 370px wide
  • Image can not exceed 500px high

Email your image to Alex Cameron ( to be posted to the Current Students webpage!

Student Life Facebook Page

The Student Life Facebook Page is managed by Campus Life. Posts on this page are intended for co-curricular programs and events.

Want to post to the page? Email

DC Screens

Student organizations and campus departments can utilize the digital displays located in the Dining Commons. Submission requirements are as follows:

  • Must submit at least three working days in advance of the request posting
  • Accepted formats: .jpg, .png, .ppt(x)
  • Resolution should be 1920p x 1080p
  • Image must be "ready to post" when submitted
  • Student slides can be in rotation for a maximum of two weeks
  • Screens are intended for communication to the student body. Slides directed at individuals or small groups of people will not be displayed.
  • Events may have no more than two slides in the rotation.
Submit a DC Screen image here!



All posters on campus must adhere to the posting guidelines.

All Student Emails

All Student Emails must adhere to the guidelines listed here.