Allstudent E-Mails

  1. All student e-mails may be sent by Westmont faculty, staff members and student organization leaders.
  2. To send an all student e-mail simply type in the address line ""
  3. The allstudent e-mail list is managed by the Campus Life Office staff. Messages are reviewed and sent daily Monday- Friday during business hours.
  4. Generally, only one message is permitted per event. If messages inform students about a lengthy application or process one additional reminder message can be sent.
  5. Messages can be no larger than 500K (generally messages with large images exceed this limit).To reduce the size of the message reduce the size of the original image and re-attach the image.
  6. The format for the subject line of allstudent e-mails is as follows. Messages with subject lines not in this format will be returned for editing.

[Department or Organization in Brackets] Followed by a concise description of the subject

Here are a few examples:

[Athletics] Women's Basketball Game Tonight 7pm
[WCSA] Take a Professor to Lunch Format Change
[Career Development & Calling] Alliance Wealth Strategies Recruiters at DC Tomorrow