Westmont Business Society


President: Gracie Boelsems,

Vice President: Kyle Koebele,

Current Schedule:

"WBS Business Plan Competition" October 20, 10am-8pm UN Room
WBS Monthly Meeting: first Thursday of every month at 7:30pm UN Room

Club Information:

Mission Statement: The mission of The Westmont Business Society is twofold: one, to provide a forum for discussion and education of the many different opportunities and possibilities found in the business world. Second, to act as an intermediary connecting Westmont students with each other as well as alumni and members of the Santa Barbara business community.

Vision Statement: The Westmont Business Society is committed to advancing the relationship between Westmont students, the alumni, and the Santa Barbara business community. In order to accomplish our vision, we will continue the annual Alumni and Student Networking Event and create other annual events. We will to establish an official structure of the WBS that can be easily be carried out by future members of the society.

Instagram: westmont_business_society


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