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Catholic and Friends: Totus Tuus


President: Melissa Sanchez,

Vice President: Chloe Fang,

Current Schedule:

Mass and Muffins – Morning Mass with muffins afterwards every Friday, 7:45am, at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church
School of the Eucharist – Adoration, prayer, and fellowship with other college students every first Friday of the month, evening, at St. Mark’s (Goleta)
Mass on campus – Hopefully once a month in the prayer chapel (probably on Tuesdays or Thursdays around 8:30pm)

Club Information:

Mission Statement: Totus Tuus is a group open to all, Catholic and non-Catholic, committed to fellowship with others and a deeper relationship with God. We provide an environment and connection for fellow Catholics that may not have that outlet on campus. We also encourage interfaith dialogue between different traditions so that Catholics and non-Catholics can learn from each other in a loving manner and all Christians may grow deeper together as Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Vision Statement: The Catholic Club is growing in numbers. We are helping unify Catholics and Protestants by holding events and discussions that allow us to freely talk about our faith. We pray that in the future we will have greater attendance in our events and that we continue to serve the Lord in our ventures.

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