Guidelines for Campus Events

Only campus departments, organizations, and student clubs are eligible to plan campus events.Individual students with event ideas may submit them to the Westmont Activities Council for consideration.

Campus Departments

Campus departments may sponsor events that flow from the scope of their focus and they oversee these events. Students wishing to propose events connected with a campus department may approach the respective area for consideration.

Student Organizations

Student organizations will work with their organizational advisor for event approval and implementation.

Student Clubs

Student clubs must work with their advisors and the WAC Clubs Coordinator to submit an event proposal form through the club management website.

For student clubs, a campus event meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • expects attendance of 50 or more people
  • invites people outside the scope of the club's membership (as indicated in the membership portion of the club database)
  • invites a non-Westmont speaker or organization (see policy on inviting outside speakers )

Guidelines for inviting outside speakers can be found here.