Global Focus Week | Oct 29 - Nov 2, 2012

Theme Verse: 2 Corinthians 8: 1 - 9

Global Focus Week is an annual full-scale event on campus seeking to both explore complex global issues and promote awareness and interest in incarnational ministry and service both locally and abroad. The GFW advisory team and student event committee collaborate closely with faculty, staff, student organizations, off-campus academic programs, residence life, and special off-campus guests to highlight - through film, simulations, small group dialogues, performances, special events, notable speakers, expert panels, chapel, focused/informed prayer, etc - a complex global issue.

This year, Global Focus Week was centered around the theme of Wealth and Poverty .

During the week, we had a fantastic slate of events and guests lined up to highlight poverty efforts around the world - GFW photoWorld Vision and World Impact among them.

The week began in chapel with Dr. Bryant Myers - long time executive at World Vision. Dr. Myers gave a theological framework for our week-long conversation drawing on his many years of academic reflection and activism at home and abroad.

During our mid week chapel, we were honored to have Mayor Helene Schneider, Rick Moritz, and Jeff Shaffer. Each responded poignantly to challenging questions from students on what it takes to address poverty in our own community.

The week concluded with a visit and message by Dr. Keith Phillips - President of World Impact - who challenged our community with a call to incarnational and holistic action in an effort to empower the poor among us.

In addition, approximately 900 attendees participated in the various non-chapel events throughout this challenging yet hopeful week - which we pray will act as a springboard to thoughtful and appropriate action to the glory of God.

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Global Focus Week schedule