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Habitat for Humanity


President: Megan Jug,

Vice President: Tjitske Veldstra,

Current Schedule:

Off campus projects through ReStore in Goleta or Carpineria one Saturday a month

Club Information:

Mission Statement: The Habitat for Humanity Club aims to give students an opportunity to volunteer off-campus and make a difference in the community. As a club, we seek to present a Christ-like attitude of service, humility, and ultimately love.

Vision Statement: By building a close partnership with the Santa Barbara branch of Habitat for Humanity, our vision is to show Christ's love to the families receiving homes as well as the workers we spend time with every workday through both our actions and our words. We desire to expose more students to the reality of the poverty in their own community, showing them that they can make a difference, and we also desire to continue nurturing the relationships that have been made, praying that the Habitat for Humanity staff may know Jesus.

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