Common Application

1. Letter from the Director


We are so pleased that you’re considering applying for a student leadership position at Westmont. We anticipate that your involvement in student leadership will be a highlight of your Westmont experience. It is our hope that your in-class learning is deepened and practiced through your student leadership role. To provide you with the best experience possible, we have developed leadership trainings and tools that you will participate in as a student leader. Please carefully review section 2, which outlines these experiences and the expectations regarding your participation and attendance.

If you are interested in leadership, but unsure of which position is the best fit for you, please review section 4, where each leadership organization and position is described. You are also welcomed to attend the Student Leadership Information Session, which will take place Tuesday February 27, 2018 from Noon - 1PM in Page MPR. This session will include short presentations on each organization and an opportunity to ask one-on-one questions of current student leaders. If you still have questions, please contact the Campus Life Office at x6125 and we can meet with you one-on-one to help you narrow down your options. You are invited to apply for more than one position, although if you are offered more than one position you will need to select one. We’d encourage you to refer to section 5 for tips and suggestions on successfully navigating the application process courtesy of Career Development & Calling.

Most student leadership positions are accompanied by stipends. The stipend amounts vary depending on the time commitment and responsibilities of the position. Please contact the Campus Life Office if you have any questions regarding stipends.

You will find the common application in section 6. All application are due on April 2 unless otherwise indicated in the chart in section 4. Once the application is submitted you will hear from an organizational representative within two-three weeks of the application deadline with further information or to schedule an interview. We wish you the very best throughout the application process.


Angela D'Amour

Director of Campus Life