Westmont Career Development & Calling

Intern (Paid)

Think of yourself as an ambassador with a mission to help CD&C connect with students. Together with our team, you’ll help your fellow students pursue what’s next. Whether it’s thinking about which major to pick, crafting a resume, or landing a great internship or job, you’ll have a front and center role in helping students prepare for the road ahead.

The Ambassador will increase awareness of resources, events, services, and its importance within the residence halls. ​Interns will have the ability to​ articulate their story through understanding their skills, strengths, and persona​lit​​y. They should have knowledge of Career Development tools ​like the Type Focus Personality Assessment, Strong Interest Inventory, ​Resumes, Job Spot, LinkedIn, etc. The Intern will be a student leader on campus who is a self-starter, ​an influence​r, and able to connect students to the appropriate CD&C resources and staff.​

Intern Responsibilities:

  • Hold designated role: A) Social Media &
  • Communications or B)Programming & Outreach
  • Hold on-duty hours in designated locations/for specific student groups(2 - 2.5 hours/week)
  • Develop intern-driven campus programs for student population (1 per
  • semester)
  • Attend bi-weekly Leadership
  • Lunch meetingsandweekly intern staff meetings
  • Interns will be required to complete Career Development assessmentsincluding but are not limited to: Personality, Strong Interest Inventory,Skills card sort, and Values exercises
  • Participate
  • in and promote all CD&C events including but not limited toCareer
  • Cafes
  • Typical duties include but are not limited to: resume review, assistance with LinkedIn and Job Spot, resource referrals, and data input
  • Special assignments may include: (A) Liaison for specific studentgroups, ex: athletes, resident halls, etc. (B) social media and marketing, ex: platforms, video, editing, etc. (C) programming events each month
  • Promote CD&C services/resources, assessments, and events, to students, and

Due to the nature of these responsibilities, the Ambassador should hold sophomore standing or higher.

Ambassador (Volunteer)

Career Development & Calling Ambassador is a voluntary position designed to promote CD&C efforts and refer students to services, and useful personal & professional tools.

Under supervision, ambassadors will enthusiastically express within residence halls the importance of what CD&C offers, connecting students to department resources and staff. Students will act as an ambassador in the residence hall that they live in! Ambassadors should possess the ability to articulate their story through understanding their skills, strengths, and personality. Ambassadors should have some knowledge of or completed Career Development tools such as: Type Focus Personality, Strong Interest Inventory assessments, etc.

Ambassador Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for promoting CD&C efforts through posting materials, conversations, and social media via residence hall
  • Collaborate to facilitate 1-2 career related events each semester inyour residence hall
  • Attend Community Life Council Meetings (1/per month, as assigned by Res Hall)
  • Attend 1 CD&C event/month
  • Attend monthly meeting with CD&C staff (30mins)
Contact Info:
Cassie Wicoff
Career Development & Calling
Upstairs KSC
805 565 6160