Common Application

2. Leadership Trainings and Expectations


  • You are committed to the purpose of Orientation and its ministry to the college
  • You are committed to the full term January 2018 – September 2018.
  • You will be able to attend the initial training retreat January 19-20, 2018.
  • You will be able to return to campus August 16 for Student Leader Training and the Leadership Retreat which takes place August 16-22.
  • You are committed to taking ownership of and responsibility for the Orientation events that you plan.
  • You are committed to attending weekly meetings in the spring semester.
  • You are committed to attending bi-monthly leadership lunches in the spring semester.


  • Submit brief online monthly reports identifying tasks accomplished and hours worked


  • I agree to make this leadership role a priority outside of the classroom and to attend all of the trainings listed above
  • I understand that some campus commitments such as being an RA and certain student athlete roles require time commitments that conflict with student organization leader requirements and are therefore incompatible
  • During the application process I will report any time commitments or positions that require more than 10 hours a week including but not limited to Chapel Band, Young Life, off campus jobs and internships so that organizational advisors can determine if the commitments are compatible with student leader positions.
    • Advisors will make final decisions that support students’ academic, personal, and spiritual well-being
  • I will be enrolled as a full time student at Westmont for the duration of my leadership position.


  • I agree to honestly discuss my situation with my advisor if I am experiencing any difficulty upholding the guiding principles of the student leadership covenant
  • I agree to respond to correspondences in a timely fashion (within 24 hrs.)

Organizational advisors will hold students accountable to the expectations listed above for the benefit of the student and the organization in which they serve. Failure to abide by the expectations listed above may result in a verbal warning, a written warning or removal (temporary or permanent) from a student leadership position. Consequences depend on the impact to the individual and the community.


Academic Standards Policy

  • Applicants to student leadership positions must have a minimum 2.3 GPA.(WCSA 2.5 minimum)
  • If a current student leader's GPA falls below 2.3, the student will be required to meet with their organizational advisor or supervisor to discuss the situation and determine whether the student will be allowed to continue to serve in the role. It is the advisor or supervisor's responsibility to make this decision.

Conduct Standards Policy

  • Students on Student Life probation or Deferred Suspension status are not eligible to apply or serve as student leaders.
  • If a current student leader violates the community life statement or Westmont's behavioral expectations, there will be a conversation between the student, their student conduct officer, and their organizational advisor or supervisor to discuss the situation and determine whether the student should be permitted to continue to serve in the role. A joint decision will be made by their student conduct officer and advisor.

For example, as outlined in the community life standards I will:

  • Choose to embrace God-honoring diversity
  • Choose sexual purity, modesty and celibacy outside of a marriage covenant
  • Choose to abstain from the use of alcohol & illegal drugs
  • Meet the chapel attendance requirement

By submitting a leadership application, you are authorizing Student Life Staff members to have access to review your grade point average.