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New Student Orientation is the intentional process of assisting new students in making a successful transition to the academic and cultural environment of Westmont.

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Orientation Committee [6-8]

New student Orientation is the intentional process of assisting new students in making a successful transition to Westmont. The Orientation Committee plays an integral role in this process. There are 6-8 committee members who will work with the Director of Campus Life, the Orientation Coordinator, and the O Team to plan and implement new student Orientation in the fall.

The benefits of being a member of the Orientation Committee are extensive. O Committee members are challenged to grow in their faith through their work in serving new students, developing events and programs, and working with campus administrators, faculty and staff. O Committee members learn about themselves and about working and serving in a group setting. The commitment and sacrifice to serve in this capacity is significant, but the opportunity of growing and maturing into the likeness of Christ through this process is rewarding.

The goals of Orientation are as follows:

  • Prepare students for academic success
  • Begin conversations about important values and Westmont community principles
  • Introduce students to services, co-curricular programs and involvement opportunities
  • Provide students with the space and information necessary to make a personal transition to Westmont
  • Foster introductions and interaction between fellow students, faculty, and staff

What are the Expectations?

  • You are committed to the purpose of Orientation and its ministry to the college
  • You are committed to the full term January 2018 – September 2018.
  • You will be able to attend the initial training retreat January 19-20, 2018
  • You will be able to return to campus August 16 for Student Leader Training and the Leadership Retreat which takes place August 16-22.
  • You are committed to taking ownership of and responsibility for the Orientation events that you plan.
  • You are committed to attending all weekly meetings in the spring semester

What are the Specific Responsibilities?

Planning & Preparation May Include:

  • Overseeing logistics for Orientation move in and welcome tent
  • Planning Major Orientation events such as Best of Westmont
  • Designing and Purchasing Orientation and new student T-shirts
  • Communicate through Facebook and bi-monthly e-mails to incoming students

Training and Oversight of the O-Team 

  • Serve as the point of contact between O-Team members and the director of campus life during training and Orientation
  • Prepare Orientation team members to lead small groups during Orientation

Facilitation of the Orientation Event

  • Support and oversee O-Team members and volunteers
  • Work closely with the O-Team to ensure high quality service
  • Trouble shoot problems and challenges

After Orientation Responsibilities

  • Participate as a student leader at the FY Retreat one weekend in September
  • Participate in weekly meetings in September to debrief Orientation and plan for the FY Retreat
  • Help recruit and interview the new Orientation team in spring semester

What is the compensation?

O committee positions are volunteer roles

Orientation Team (O-Team) Member [25]*

New student Orientation is the intentional process of assisting new students in making a successful transition to Westmont. The Orientation Team (O-Team) plays an integral role in this process.  There are approximate 25 Orientation Team members who will work with the Campus Life staff and Orientation Committee to welcome and orient new students.

Under the supervision of the Director of Campus Life and the Orientation Coordinator and with guidance from the Orientation Committee, O-Team will be responsible for executing Fall and Spring new student Orientation programs; supporting Westmont's mission in day-to-day contact with new students and their parents; and participating in appropriate evaluation of Westmont's Orientation programs.

Who can Apply?

Any Westmont student with the following characteristics may apply for the Orientation Intern position:

  • Committed to helping new students make a smooth and successful adjustment to Westmont
  • Willingness to exercise gifts of organization, creativity, hospitality, and service
  • Possesses an understanding of and personal support for Westmont's mission, campus environment and faith commitment
  • Demonstrates confidence and maturity in interpersonal relationships

What are the Time Commitments?

  • Two afternoon gatherings in April to get to know one another and begin training
  • In mid-August (~8 days before school starts) Orientation Team members are expected to participate full-time in training, followed by the Orientation event itself, which will conclude the Sunday before classes start
  • Weekly meetings in September to debrief Orientation
  • Some O-Team members will attend the First Year Retreat Friday-Saturday of the second week of classes
  • Some of the O-Team will assist with Spring Orientation the weekend before the spring semester
  • Help recruit and interview next year's O-Team in spring semester

What are the Specific Responsibilities?

  • Participate in on-going communication with a group of new students before, during and after Orientation
  • Lead a small group of new students during Orientation
  • Assist with the arrival and move in process
  • Welcome students and families at various Orientation events
  • Help coordinate event logistics as needed
  • Other duties as assigned

* Orientation-Team member positions are all volunteer positions