Campus Poster Approval

By Reading and Signing this policy statement I understand that...

  1. Posters, fliers and signs may only be placed in the appropriate locations. These locations include residence hall bulletin boards, the kiosk by the DC, and the Post Office bulletin board. Posting on the exterior of campus structures, including painted, metal, or glass surfaces is not permitted.
  2. Posters, flyers and signs may be adhered to surfaces with sticky tac, blue painter's tape, or scotch tape. Masking tape, packing tape, or duct tape are never to be used on any surfaces as they leave residue. Posters and fliers may not be stapled or taped to trees on campus. Any property damage that occurs as a result of posting may result in a fine to the responsible individual or group.
  3. The maximum size for posters is 18" x 24"
  4. Posters, fliers and signs must be taken down by the date indicated on the "Westmont Approved" stamp. If signs and posters are not removed by that date the responsible individual or group may be charged a fine.
  5. Campus Life will not allow posting of any material that advocate or encourage conduct contrary to the Community Life Statement.