Focus Week

Monday, October 24, 2016

Pastor Léonce Crump, Power, Privilege, and the Gospel [Murchison Gym]
Léonce Crump Jr., is an author, international speaker, and the founder and lead pastor of Renovation Church in Atlanta, Georgia.


Unpacking Whiteness [Clark A Lounge]

Why is this conversation important for white people? Join a discussion on the significance of whiteness as we navigate conversations about race.

Hosted by: Dr. Docter, Peter Hansen, and Jason Cha.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Unsettled [Founders Room]
The Black Lives Matter movement has highlighted racial tension in the United States today. Join a panel of professors for a discussion on the social and historical significance of the Black Lives Matters movement.

Hosted by: Racial Equality and Justice (REJ).
Panelists include: Dr. Nwaokelemeh, Dr. Yadav, Dr. Ed Song, and Dr. Sargent.


MIXED: A discussion on Multiracial Identity & Interracial Relationships [Founders Room]
Join a panel and discussion that explores the deeper complexities of the fastest growing racial category in the United States.

Hosted by: Multi-Ethnic Student Association (MESA).
Panelists include: Denzyl and Shannon Balram & Joel and Lori Ann Banez.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Dr. Michael O. Emerson, Race, Society, and the Church [Murchison Gym]
Dr. Michael O. Emerson is currently serving at the Provost at North Park University in Chicago, Illinois. He is the author of multiple books, including “Divided by Faith”.


A Thin Line Between Love & Hate: Naming Cultural Appropriation [Founders Room]
Is your Halloween costume offensive? This interactive workshop will introduce cultural appropriation and its prevalence in society today. We will explore the importance of how naming cultural appropriation can create awareness around issues of race and culture. Hosted by: Jason Cha.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Reel Talk: Zootopia [Porter Theater]
Join Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde as they solve the mystery of missing predators in Zootopia. Hear a panel of faculty and staff discuss the lessons learned in Zootopia and how they can apply to present day.

Panelists Include: Dr. Yadav, Dr. Toms, Sarah Gowing, and Dr. Sargent.