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Restore Club


President: Tamara Lang,

Vice President: Robert Bain,

Current Schedule:

Beach clean up days, habitat restoration projects to be scheduled

Club Information:

Mission Statement: During our time at Westmont, we have the great gift of calling Santa Barbara our home: from the beaches to the tidepools, along green mountain trails and beside bouldered streams. But we are not the only ones who call this place home. Santa Barbara hosts communities far vaster than those we interact with at Starbucks or State Street, and these communities possess both a time-honored beauty and an inestimable worth. The bottlenose dolphins skim beneath the surface of powder blue waves, while the sea star slides onward in a frenzied stillness. Birds enact their lives and loves in the light-shot canopies of native trees. These communities are dazzling in the beauty of themselves and their Creator; they are sometimes bewildering, sometimes cruel, but always serving to remind us that they were created good. For that, they are worth protecting. <br /> This club aims to accomplish some of that protection. Although the creatures that dwell about the Santa Barbara area are beautiful, their habitats often are not. Litter marks the ocean’s high tide line; invasive plants crowd out the plants and animals that have occupied Santa Barbara for times untold. Santa Barbara’s wild places, like the rest of our fallen world, are defined by a beauty held captive by evil. It is an evil thing when God’s creatures cannot live to the fullest because of the wrongs we have done to their homes. By working to restore these areas, we are working to bring God’s beauty back into the Creation that has never ceased to glorify Him.

Vision Statement: I hope for this club to be a place where our time and energy can be dedicated to reversing the negative impacts that our species has wrought on the environment. This will take the form of a variety of service projects, ranging from beach cleanups to more specific habitat restoration projects. We hope to partner with organizations that are already working to restore Santa Barbara’s wild places, as well as to organize our own events.

Of course, in a club such as this, our impact will probably be small compared to the massiveness of environmental degradation that has become commonplace throughout our cities. However, it is by small steps that we will learn to move into larger change. By working in areas of ecological degradation, we will be able to see firsthand the effects that our actions have upon our environment. Change can then radiate outwards, from our actions, into our daily lives, and finally out into the community. We can become a community more mindful of our neighbors, human and non-human alike. In this we will have opportunity to transform, small step by small step, into a people with the ability to respect and glorify God wherever his creativity is displayed

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