Robyn Bickerton: Special Projects Coordinator

Robyn Bickerton

Contact Information
Getting to Know Robyn

Education: B.A in Communication Studies, Westmont College

Hometown: Martinez, CA

Role in the Office: Special Projects Coordinator

Favorite thing about Westmont?Faculty and staff interest in getting to know students. Now I'm not paid to write that, but I'd be lying if I didn't write that! One of my absolute favorite things as a student was getting to know my professors outside of the classroom. My professors weren't just brilliant intellectuals, but also they were people, like you and me, AND they were interested in me––outside of my academics! I think very few institutions are like that, which makes Westmont extra special and unique.

What makes you laugh? Thinking about how my twin sister, Melanie, calls me "Bob" and I call her, "Bop."

What makes you cry? Disunity.

What is your favorite thing to do away from Westmont? Hike in the Fall colors!

What is a place that you would like to vacation? Aptos Beach, CA! I vacationed there all throughout my childhood. A place my whole family (despite our very different personalities and interests) LOVED.