Common Application

Santa Barbara Outreach Coordinator

The Santa Barbara Outreach Coordinator (SBOC) is a volunteer position responsible for connecting students with service opportunities in Santa Barbara and educating students within a residence hall about one specific urban issue.

Overview of the SBOC role:

The SBOC is to work alongside various student leader positions as a part of the Community Life Councils present in each residence hall. In conjunction with Urban Initiative and Residence Life, the SBOC will educate his or her residence hall community and connect students with local volunteer opportunities. The SBOC will accomplish this by partnering with local ministries and non-profits, hosting educative events in the residence hall, and growing in his or her personal knowledge of urban issues.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate Kick-Off Event (in conjunction with opening hall BBQ):
    • Speakers: SBOC & someone external from partner organization
    • Posters/Signs up in Residence Hall two days before BBQ
    • Make a handout/poster about the urban issue and plans for the semester (each semester)
  • Coordinate Volunteer Responsibilities
    • Regular/weekly volunteer opportunities
      • Each Residence Hall will have a specific urban theme on which they will focus and begin a partnership. Each hall will have 2-3 partner organizations that work with that specific issue. At this time, the following themes are:
        • Clark Halls: Urban Youth
        • Emerson Hall: Public Health
        • Page Hall: Urban Development/Housing
      • Advertise, coordinate rides, and partner with organizations to help peers volunteer
      • Debrief time incorporated into/after volunteer experience
    • Special Event volunteer opportunities
      • Publicize one time volunteer opportunities from partnering organizations
  • Plan an Annual Organization-Based Event (hosted by residence hall)
    • With approval from Community Life Council, RD, and UI, plan a social event or fundraiser benefitting the partner organization
  • Educational Residence Hall Events
    • 2 Thematic educational events per year
      • Film/Documentary, speaker, participatory exercise, etc.
  • Events
    • Host 2 hours/week of office hours in your respective area (Page Pantry, Emerson Eatery, Clark Cupboard)
    • Attend Community Life Council Meetings (as scheduled by the RD)
    • Attend trainings with Jeff Shaffer
    • Attend UI-Education and Outreach Coordinator hosted meetings for planning and support
    • Volunteer at your partnering organization 4 hours/month

Additional Qualifications and Expectations for the SBOC Position:

  • Any student living in Page, Emerson, or Clark Halls
  • Past involvement in urban ministry, preferably through Urban Initiative weekly ministries or a spring break immersion experience
  • 2.3 GPA
  • 6-8 hours weekly commitment to the position
  • Full time student during the 2018-19 academic year
  • Additional commitments are limited to no more than 10 hours per week (choir, youth group, job, other leadership or ministry involvement)