Common Application

Spiritual Formation Coordinator

The Spiritual Formation Coordinator (SFC) is a volunteer position responsible for planning and promoting spiritual formation opportunities and cultivating discipleship in residence halls.

Overview of the SFC role:

The SFC is to work alongside various student leader positions and to serve students by “cultivating a transformative community of Christ-centered apprenticeship.” In conjunction with Student Life and the Martin Institute and Dallas Willard Center for Spiritual Formation (MIDWC), the SFC accomplishes this by: modeling personal and spiritual development; supporting and promoting campus spiritual formation activities; and providing opportunities for spiritual growth in residence halls.

Westmont’s Residence Life Mission is to contribute to the educational mission of the college by cultivating a diverse and transformative community of Christ-centered apprenticeship, where students can grow in their capacity to live, love and learn.

Model Personal and Spiritual Development

  • Demonstrates commitment to their own personal and spiritual transformation
  • Pursues spiritual formation through weekly meetings with program mentors
  • Participates in spiritual formation retreats and training as offered
  • Maintains good citizenship in the Westmont community
  • Demonstrates commitment to a local church community
  • Participates in a Capax Dei group
  • Initiates intentional conversations about spiritual matters with students and develops relationships that encourage spiritual formation

Collaborate with Ongoing Spiritual Formation Activities

  • Promotes Capax Dei groups within residence halls
  • Assists with spiritual formation programming of the MIDWC
  • Equips students to find, attend, and connect with local churches
  • Participates in beginning of the year programming as appropriate

 Cultivate Spiritual Formation Involvement Among Students

  • Coordinates a weekly small group, Bible/book study or spiritual formation group
  • Builds greater connection between Westmont and the Santa Barbara/Goleta community by deepening relationships with local pastors
  • Oversees bulletin board or other visual displays concerning spiritual formation

Additional Qualifications and Expectations for the SFC Position:

  • Sophomore, Junior or Senior who has an interest in pursuing vocational or personal ministry
  • Past involvement in campus leadership and/or actively involved in intentional spiritual formation (church involvement, Capax Dei, discipleship, etc.)
  • 3.0 GPA
  • 8-10 hours weekly commitment to the position
  • Additional commitments are limited to no more than 6 hours per week (choir, youth group, job, other leadership or ministry involvement)