Christian leadership (as described in Timothy 3: 1-13 and Titus 1: 5-9) involves a call to model selflessness for the good of the larger Christian community. Therefore, by accepting a leadership role at Westmont I will seek to:

Matters of Integrity:

  • Live publicly and privately in a manner that is consistent with my commitment to Christ and the relationship that I have with him
  • Honor God with my intellect by being fully engaged in my academic study and seeking to maintain or improve my GPA while serving in my leadership role
  • Act on what I believe is right, even when there is a cost involved
  • Humbly acknowledge and admit mistakes
  • Tell the truth and communicate as openly and honestly as possible

Matters of Faith:

  • Participate in a local Christian church
  • Listen to the voice of God in Scripture
  • Communicate with God in prayer
  • Maintain a perspective that God is in control and respond to challenge and difficulty with hopefulness
  • Honor the principle of the Sabbath by intentionally taking time to be still and listen to God

Matters of Team Work:

  • Consider how my decisions will impact my team and those around me and not just myself
  • Attribute the best motives to others and seek to build one another up
  • Listen carefully to others and determine what there is to learn from ideas and perspectives different from my own
  • Engage in constructive conflict resolution by addressing issues promptly, directly and peacefully
  • Ask for and be open to receiving feedback in order to grow and learn