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Westmont Table Tennis Club


President: Branton Nestor,

Vice President: Ashley Estebo,

Current Schedule:

Practice times to come!

Club Information:

Mission Statement: The primary purposes of the Westmont Table Tennis Club are to (1) provide a venue for physical exercise and diversion, thereby helping to foster a healthy lifestyle, (2) to allow the formation of closer relationships through athletic interaction, (3) to foster a love for the sport and athletics in general, (4) and to contribute to the development of the entire person by addressing the physical aspect of life. The club's primary objectives are to (1) achieve the given purposes as stated above, (2) to create an intramural league within the Westmont community, (3) and to participate in inter-collegiate competition.

Vision Statement: The vision for this club is to solidify itself as a respectable, intra- and inter-collegiate athletic club, thereby acting to stimulate the development of the sport in the United States. It is the personal ambition of this club to serve as the Christian vanguard of the emerging collegiate table tennis community, popularizing and expanding the sport of table tennis while serving as ambassadors of Christ.

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