Westmont Wildfire Ultimate Frisbee Club


President: CJ Donahoe, cdonahoe@westmont.edu

Vice President: Joshua Miller, joshmiller@westmont.edu

Current Schedule:

Tournaments in Irvine, San Diego, Las Vegas

Club Information:

Mission Statement: The mission of Westmont Ultimate is to provide the means for Westmont students to participate in an intercollegiate Ultimate team. In so doing, the overarching purpose for the club is multifaceted. We hope to achieve a sense of fellowship within the team that is separate from the fellowship experienced in friend groups, residence halls, etc. In competition, we hope to serve as a reflection of the values of Westmont College as well as a reflection of the love of Christ. Overall, we hope to create a culture of excellence within the club that extends to our fulfillment as members in our community, as students, as athletes, and as sons and daughters of Christ.

Vision Statement: Our vision as a club is to be a representative of Westmont College within the world of competitive collegiate Ultimate. In so doing, we hope to use our gifts of athleticism to their capacity as a competitive collegiate Ultimate team. We have a vision to be competitive within our section of Division-III Ultimate with a goal of having a legitimate chance to go to the Division-III National Tournament each year. In the future we hope to have established a reputation as not only being a perennially competitive team, but also as being a respectful and sportsmanlike team.

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