In order to successfully plan an event for your club on the Westmont campus, many details need to be considered. If proposed club events involve more than 50 students, go beyond the scope of your club members, or invite in a non-Westmont speaker/organization, officers must submit an event proposal form available on the Campus Life Office website.

These event planning guidelines are in place to help clubs plan the best events possible and to ensure that they receive the support they need.

*Clubs that are in their first year of being chartered are NOT eligible to request a campus-wide event. After completing one year of chartership, clubs will be able to request campus-wide events.

Room Reservations

To request rooms, club officers can make a request through the WAC Clubs Coordinator. The Clubs Coordinator will check the availability of rooms through the campus scheduling system and finalize reservations if rooms are available. To discuss venue options please contact the WAC Clubs Coordinator.

Please note: room reservations must go through the WAC Clubs Coordinator. Attempts to reserve rooms on your own will be denied by the Scheduling Department.

Equipment Reservations

Equipment reservations (e.g. microphones, projectors, speakers) can be made at https://www.westmont.edu/_offices/emo/index.html. Depending on your event, there could be a charge for the equipment, so be sure to make budget provisions accordingly. For the account number, contact the WAC Clubs Coordinator.

Amplified Sound

Amplified sound is a sensitive issue on the Westmont campus and any event proposals requesting amplified sound must be reviewed and approved bythe Assistant Director of Campus Life and Wesmont's Property Coordinator.

Contracted Services/Payment

Students are not authorized to sign contracts. Any event requiring payment to an individual for services rendered or requiring a signed contract must be approved by the WAC Clubs Coordinator and the Assistant Director of Campus Life prior to being sent through Wesmont's Contract approval process. This can take multiple weeks, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time.


Risk Management

Any event with risk of any kind will need to be approved by Westmont’s Risk Manager.

Events intended for fundraising purposes or featuring fundraising as an element of the event, must be approved by the WAC Clubs Coordinator and the Assistant Director of Campus Life. If tax-deductible receipts are expected in response to the fundraising efforts of the event, the proposal will need approval by the Office of College Advancement.

Events that involve solicitation of donations from either private individuals or businesses will also require the approval of the Office of College Advancement.

Clubs are NOT PERMITTED to fund raise without written approval through the Office of College Advancement. Any club fundraising plans must be pre-approved by WAC and the Assistant Director of Campus Life. Once pre-approved clubs may submit applications to fundraise through the Office of College Advancement. These applications are reviewed at the beginning of each semester.


Anyone driving on college business as an official campus club must apply and be approved as a college driver. In order to request approval, please login to your student profile at the following link: https://secure.westmont.edu/cgi-bin/WebObjects/studentProfile.woa/wa/ and complete the driver info.

Because club transportation is typically not a funded expense through WAC, clubs are not permitted to reserve vehicles through the college. Students are encouraged to use dial-a-ride or to have club members drive to club events.

Photographing and Filming on Campus

As a private campus Westmont College reserves the right to approve any photography and filming that takes place on campus for commercial use or other public distribution, including posting on the Internet. Anyone seeking to photograph or film on campus for commercial use or seeking to publicly distribute filming or photographing of campus events must obtain permission from the Westmont College Communications Office.

The following guidelines must be observed for personal photographing and filming on campus:

  • Respect the privacy of campus residences.
  • Avoid disruption of classes or other college functions.
  • Do not film or photograph students, faculty, staff, and visitors without their knowledge or consent.



Planning a campus event takes more time than most students suspect. It isalways best to start early.

8 Weeks Out:

  1. Tentatively choose 3-5 dates to propose for the event.
  2. Create a preliminary budget.
  3. Complete a Club Event Proposal Form

6 Weeks Out:

  1. Ask the Clubs Coordinator to reserve the room/facility if on campus.
  2. Contact the Clubs Coordinator to add the event to the Student Life Events & Programs Calendar.
  3. Determine needs for tables, chairs, multimedia, catering, campus vehicles.
  4. Schedule meetings through your advisor and WAC for any required approvals. You will need approval if any of the following apply to your event:
    • if using amplified sound
    • if a contract is necessary
    • if risk is involved
    • if fundraising
    • if more than 50 people are anticipated to attend
    • if using a BBQ pit
    • if posting flyers or posters on campus

3 Weeks Out:

  1. Begin advertising. To advertise your event on the Student Life Facebook page, email Alex Cameron
  2. Receive confirmation of room/facility reservations.
  3. Continue planning alongside your sponsor.

***NOTE: Programs proposed less than 3 weeks out will not be approved.***