Requirements for Officially Recognized Clubs

Officially recognized Westmont student clubs agree to a certain set of standards and criteria that govern their club’s organization, activities, and conduct.

Any club that does not meet any of the following requirements may lose their club status and forfeit any remaining budgeted dollars.

  1. To function fully within the bounds of the Community Life Statement and in a manner that is supportive and reflective of the mission and purpose of Westmont College.
  2. To avoid undue liability or risk elements for the students or the college.
  3. To adhere to the standards of the Community Life Statement and Student Handbook in all activities, meetings, or excursions, whether on or off-campus.
  4. To meet for official club purposes at least once each month.
  5. To avoid any action that could be considered hazing, harassment or an initiation ritual, and have read and understand the student handbook entry outlining Westmont's policy on hazing and abuse.
  6. To communicate with the WAC Clubs Coordinator concerning dates of proposed activities no less than ten (10) days prior to the event in order to prevent scheduling conflicts.
  7. To submit an event proposal form for club events with 50+ people, that extend beyond the scope of the club's membership, or that invite non-Westmont speakers/organizations.
    1. Clubs within their first year of chartership are NOT eligible to request campus-wide events.
  8. To advertise club activities and meetings in accordance with the guidelines stated in the "Posting Policy."
  9. Attend the Fall and Spring Club Officer meetings
  10. To participate in the Fall Community Picnic and Spring Cupcakes and Clubs events as a way to advertise, build a membership list, and promote campus and community development.
  11. To keep website up-to-date with
    1. current officers
    2. current members
    3. current meeting times
    4. current club photo