ertrip summaries | summer 2018 teams


* NOTE: Dates for each trip depend on a number of variables - in-country partner needs, team member summer commitments, May term participants, etc. After all the information is gathered, dates will be finalized taking all factors into consideration. There is a section in the application that will give you an opportunity to highlight any summer conflicts or time frame preferences you would like us to consider when placing teams.


Applications are now open!

Altea-Alicante, Spain

spainBuild a Community of Faith through cultural diversity and expressions of the ARTS. Team members will have the opportunity to be a voice and catalyst for God’s work in the area of the arts, culture, and living within the principles of an Acts 2:42 community. The Team will be intentional in serving alongside Edge Project at their art gallery in Altea-Alicante, Spain. Lives are transformed through an everyday style of discipleship & cross cultural training in this mission. The focus of the team will be to dive into cultural immersion & use simple relationships to bring the Gospel of Gods Love to the lost. We live in community houses located throughout this coastal village which is historically known for the arts and is currently home to the University of the Arts. Edge Project's art gallery will be the central place of discovery, connectivity, and expressing faith in Jesus Christ.

Your experience with Emmaus Road in Spain might include: Spiritual Conversations, Historical Exploration, Cross-Cultural Immersion, Expressions of Faith, Self-Discovery, Creative Art Events, Simple Missions, Community Living, Relationship Building, and Language Learning.

Time Frame: 4 weeks (Summer 2018)

Lugazi, Uganda

ugandaFaith Children's Home and God's House of Miracles - pastored by Pastor Hudson Suubi - exist to bring a hope, future, and a destiny to the most vulnerable in Lugazi, Uganda. Experience EVANGELISM and COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT in a brand new and powerful way. Among other things, the team will be work with children at Faith Children's Home, teach in classrooms, engage in community outreaches to hospitals, prisons, and schools, minister in village churches - working with youth, help at a national radio station, and assist with various work projects.

Your experience with Emmaus Road in Uganda might include: Children's ministry, Community Outreach and Evangelism, Local Church Involvement, Radio Broadcasting Opportunities, and Construction Projects.

Time Frame: 4 - 6 weeks (Summer 2018)

China & South Korea

taiwankoreaBuild relationships through interactive children's camps that focus on EDUCATION in China AS WELL AS in South Korea. Children that come to these camps hope to improve their conversational English. This will be done primarily through relationship-building and fun, interactive classes. Team members will have the opportunity to be a voice and catalyst for God’s work among the Chinese and Korean communities by providing classes in Music, English, Cooking, Crafts, American Culture, Science, Bible, and Recreation. Each camp consists of a variety of classes. This year some camps will focus on science with older children and other camps may focus more on the other interactive classes. For the educational part of the camp we really just need team members who enjoy working with children and teaching (whether an education major or not). All team members will have the opportunity to help in a variety of classes. The team will stay with families and in dorms.

Your experience with Emmaus Road in ChinaandSouth Korea will include: Teaching and Cultural exchange

Time Frame: 5-7 weeks (Summer 2018)


indoUsing a BUSINESS AS MISSION model, Sea Tribes will introduce our team to a village setting for 3 home stays lasting several nights with the intent of beginning to plant kingdom seeds in that location - via cultural exchange. We will partner with Sea Tribes to not only plant new seeds, but also to help nurture those that have already been sown. The team will live with a local family - eat together, go fishing together, cook together, play sports with the people of the village, etc. Our teams will aid Sea Tribes in creating inroads for not only learning about the host culture and people, but also to share the Christian faith legally via a business model in a Restricted Access Nation. Our team will have a great near immersion experience while being exposed to a non-Arab Muslim contextual ministry as well as a Business as Mission strategy for reaching Unreached People Groups.

Your experience with Emmaus Road in Indonesia will include: Ministry to Muslims; Cultural exchange; Local work projects

Time Frame: 4 weeks (Summer 2018)


peruPartner with Westmont anthropology professor, Tito Paredes, to learn about Peruvian culture through converstions and visits to cultural sites, including Machu Picchu. Assist World Vision in Peru in a variety of capacities, often including health education. The team stays at a seminary for those in South America studying cross-cultural mission. Spanish speaking is helpful, though not required.

Your experience with Emmaus Road in Peru will include: In-depth cultural learning and engagement; Hands on ministry

Time frame: 4 - 6 weeks (Summer 2018)