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The Counseling Center offers a lending library on a variety of topics. During the academic year, we encourage students to utilize our resources. Below are topical categories with available book titles.

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On the Threshold of Hope by Diane Mandt Lanberg, Ph.D.
Opening the door of healing for survivors of sexual abuse

Outgrowing the Pain by Eliana Gil, Ph.D.
A book for and about adults abused as children

Is It Love or is It Sex by Carla Wills-Brandon
Why relationships don’t work

A Silence to be Broken by Earl D. Wilson
Hope for those caught in the web of Incest

Recovering from Churches that Abuse by Ronald Enroth
The road back from spiritual abuse


Alcoholics Anonymous - the Big Book
The basic text for Alcoholics Anonymous

The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous with an introduction by Karen Elliott
Building a solid foundation for recovery from alcoholism

How to Control Your Drinking by William R. Miller and Ricardo F. Munoz
A practical guide on how to drink responsibly for the problem drinker

The Hidden Addiction and How to Get Free by Janice Keller Phelps, and Alan E. Nourse
Identifying addictions and how to break free

Children of Alcoholism - A Survivor’s Manual by Judith S. Seixas and Geraldine Youcha
Help to understand what happened, why it happened and how you have been affected.

It Will Never Happen to Me by Claudia Black
Sheds light on experiences of children of alcoholics, explains the process of what
happens and what can be done to handle and/or prevent these problems.

Codependent No More by Melody Beattie
A guide to achieving serenity for co dependents who want to take care of themselves

Beyond Codependency by Melody Beattie
An exploration of the dynamics of healthy recovery

Pain and Pretending by Rich Buhler
Discovering the causes of co dependency and how to heal

Guide To Recovery by Herbert L. Gravitz and Julie D. Bowden
For adult children of alcoholics - questions and answers

A Workbook for Healing by Patty McConnell
A sensitive guide of self-acceptance and healing for adult children of alcoholics

Anxiety and Depression

Coping with Depression by Siang-Yang Tan and John Ortberg, Jr.
A guide for coping with depression

Unmasking Male Depression by Archibald D. Hart
Recognizing the root causes to problems behaviors such as anger,silence, addictions
sexual compulsions

Up From Depression by Leonard Cammer
A psychiatrist explains how to recognize serious depression and what to do about it

Feeling Good: the New Mood Therapy by David D. Burns
Drug-free treatment for depression

Happiness is a Choice by Frank B. Minirth and Paul C. Meier
A manual on the symptoms, causes, and cures of depression

New Hope for People with Bipolar Disorder by Jan Fawcett, Bernard Golden, and Nancy Rosenfeld
A friendly, authoritative guide to the latest in traditional and complementary solutions

Moodswings by Ronald R. Fieve
Understanding the causes and symptoms of mood disorders, along with diagnostic
methods and drug treatments

Brain Lock by Jeffrey M. Schwartz
A four-step self-treatment method to free yourself from obsessive-compulsive behavior

Hope and Help for your Nerves by Claire Weekes
Learning how to overcome your battle with anxiety

Take the Stress out of Your Life by Jay Winner
A medical doctor’s program to minimize stress and maximize health

The Control Freak by Les Parrott
Coping with those around you and taming the one within

When Perfect Isn’t Good Enough by Martin M. Antony and Richard P. Swinson
Strategies for coping with perfectionism

Perfectionism by Miriam Adderholdt and Jan Goldberg
What is bad about being too good and strategies for learning how to ease up on

Procrastination by Jane B. Burka and Lenora M. Yuen
Why you do it and what to do about it

Shyness by Philip G. Zimbardo
What it is and what to do about it

Happiness is an Inside Job by John Powell
Ten life tasks that help us on our journey towards happiness

The Relaxation Response by Herbert Benson, M.D.
A simple meditative technique that helps cope with fatigue, anxiety and stress

When Panic Attacks by David D. Burns, M.D.
Gives you the tools to defeat every kind of anxiety, without lengthy therapy or prescription drugs.

Asperger’s Syndrome

Pretending to be Normal by Liane Holliday Willey
Offering hope and encouragement to all people with AS, while offering insight
for families and friends of those with Asperger’s.

Living Well on the Spectrum by Valerie L. Gaus, Ph.D.

How to use your strengths to meet the challenges of Asperger Syndrome.

Borderline Personality Disorder
I Hate You - Don't Leave Me by Jerold J. Kreisman, MD and Hall Straus

A classic guide and vital reference for understanding and living with BPD.

Sometimes I Act Crazy by Jerold J. Kreisman, M.D. and Hall Straus

A source of hope offering practical advice to help you manage mood swings, control destructive impulses, keep negative thoughts at bay and develop lasting relationships.

Stop Walking on Eggshells by Paul T. Mason, MS and Randi Kreger

A compassionate guide to aid friends and family to make sense out the chaos, stand up for yourself, defuse arguments and protect yourself and others from violent behavior.


Caring Enough to Confront by David Augsburger
How to understand and express your deepest feelings toward others

Making Contact by Virginia Satir
Focusing on how we make contact with others and how change in our perceptions and actions can improve our contact and communication.

The Assertive Woman by Stanlee Phelps and Nancy Austin
A manual to address the self-denying life style so many women have been conditioned
to accept, while learning to be free to be the woman you are.

Your Perfect Right by Robert E. Alberti, Ph.D. and Michael L. Emmons Ph.D.
A guide to assertive living

Straight Talk by Sherod Miller, Ph.D., Daniel Wackman, Ph.D., Elam Nunnally, Ph.D. and
Carol Saline
A new way to get close to others by saying what you really mean

Caring and Commitment by Lewis B. Smedes
Learning to live the love we promise

To Understand Each Other by Paul Tournier
Suggestions on ways to achieve understanding between partners in working out
marital happiness

The Dance of Anger by Harriet Goldhor Lerner, Ph.D.
An insightful and prescriptive guide that show women how to turn anger into a
constructive force for reshaping their lives

Caring Enough to Forgive and Caring Enough to Not Forgive by David Augsbuger
True Forgiveness/False Forgiveness

Difficult Conversations by Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton and Sheila Heen
How to handle your most difficult conversation with confidence and skill

A Good Friend by Les and Leslie Parrott
The ten top traits of real, lasting friendships

How to Have That Difficult Conversation You’ve Been Avoiding by Henry Cloud, Ph.D. and
John Townsend, Ph.D.
Acquiring the skills you need for those hard conversations

Bold Love by Dan B. Allender,Ph.D. and Tremper Longman III, Ph.D.
Introducing the outlandish possibility of making a significant, life-changing impact
on family, friends, co-workers - even your enemies.

Boundaries by Henry Cloud, Ph.D. and John Townsend, Ph.D.
When to say yes, how to say no to take control of your life

The Invisible Partners by John A. Sanford
How the male and female in each of us affects our relationships

The Friendship Factor by Kenneth H. Rubin, Ph.D.
Helping our children navigate their social word and why it matters for their
success and happiness.

How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends by Don Gabor
Talk to anyone, anywhere- online or in person.

Eating Issues

Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program that Works by Evelyn Tribole, M. S., R. D. and
Elyse Resch, M. S., F.A.D.A.
Make Peace with Food. Free Yourself from Chronic Dieting Forever. Get the Natural
Weight that Fits You.

Thin Within by Judy Halliday, R. N. and Arthur Halliday, M.D.
The Original Hunger-Fullness Plan

8 Keys to Recovery From an Eating Disorder by Carolyn Costin and Gwen Schubert Grabb
Effective strategies from therapeutic and personal experience

Bulimia: A Guide to Recovery by Lindsey Hall and Leigh Cohn
Understanding and overcoming the binge-purge syndrome

Overcoming Overeating by Jane R. Hirschmann and Carol H. Munter
A book to help you break out of the diet/binge cycle

Treating and Overcoming Anorexia Nervosa by Steven Levenkron
Introducing Nurturant-Authoritative, a proven therapy to treat anorexia

The New Fit or Fat by Covert Bailey
Revised guide from fatness to fitness

The Obsession by Kim Chernin
Reflections on the tyranny of slenderness

Surviving an Eating Disorder by Michelle Siegel, Ph.D., Judith Brisman, Ph.D.
and Margot Weinshel, M. S.W.
A realistic guide written expressly for parents, spouses, friends and relatives

Eating Awareness Training by Molly Groger
The natural way to permanent weight loss

Diets Don’t Work! by Bob Schwartz
The secrets of losing weight step-by-step when all else fails

Maximize Your Body Potential by Joyce D. Nash, Ph.D.
16 weeks to a lifetime of effective weight management

Ethnic and Cultural Issues

Warrior Lessons by Phoebe Eng
An Asian American woman’s journey into power

Following Jesus Without Dishonoring Your Parents by Jeanette Yep, Peter Cha,
Susan Cho Van Riesen, Greg Jao, and Paul Tokunaga
Discovering your Asian identity in the midst of Western culture and learning to
bridge conflicting values

Balancing Two Worlds edited by Andrew Garrod and Robert Kilkenny
Asian American College Students tell their life stories.

Mi Voz, Mi Vida edited by Andrew Garrod, Robert Kilkenny and Christina Gomez
Latino College Students tell their life stories.

First Person, First Peoples edited by Andrew Garrod and Colleen Larimore
Native American College Students tell their stories

Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? by Beverly Daniel Tatum, Ph.D.
A look at the development of racial identity.

Shifting: The Double Lives of Black Women in America by Charisse Jones and Kumea Shorter-Gooden, Ph.D.
A clear and comprehensive portrait of the reality of African American women's lives.

From Brotherhood to Manhood by Anderson J. Franklin. Ph.D.
Wisdom and guidance for African American men in search of a full and empowered life

Being White; Finding our place in a Multiethnic World by Paula Harris and Doug Schnapps
A Christian model of what it means to be white; addressing the cultural and ethnic identity of white people and how they have a key role to play in the work of racial reconciliation and the forging of a more just society.

Thriving in the Wake of Trauma; A Multicultural Guide by The ma Bryant-Davis
Shedding light on trauma recovery for survivors who are members of racial and ethnic minority groups.

Grief and Loss

Where is God When it Hurts by Philip Vance
Deals realistically with crisis, pain and suffering and explores what difference it
makes to be a Christian

December’s Song by Marilyn Willet Hailing
Help in handling the realities of grief

Necessary Losses by Judith Visors
The loves, illusions, dependencies and impossible expectations that all of us
have to give up in order to grow

How to Survive the Loss of a Love by Melba Colugo, Ph.D. , Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D. and
Peter Mc Williams
A different kind of guide to overcoming all your emotional hurts

Recovering from Losses in Life by H. Norman Wright
Shows us how to work through loss and come out a stronger person on the other side

Experiencing Grief by H. Norman Wright
A very practical and healing guide for those journeying through the experience
of the loss of a loved one

Helping Those in Grief by H. Norman Wright
What to say - and what not to say: A guide to help you care for others

No Time to Say Goodbye by Carla Fine
Brings suicide survival from the darkness into the light, speaking frankly and with
compassion about the overwhelming feeling of confusion, guilt, shame, anger, and
loneliness that are shared by all survivors

Mourning into Dancing by Walter Wang erin, Jar.
Dancing that can come out of mourning: the hope of restored relationships

When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Harold S. Usher
A thoughtful, life-affirming book to help you cope with hard times and personal pain

Will I Cry Tomorrow? by Susan M. Stanford, Ph.D.
Offers women who suffer from post-abortion trauma hope and a pathway to healing

When God Doesn't’t Answer Your Prayer by Jerry Sitter
Hard-won spiritual insights that affirm the greatness of God’s love, even when we do
not understand why our prayers seem to go unanswered

After Loss by Barbara Hill Estrange
Offers a compassionate and personal look at the difficult process of grief recovery

Hope When You’re Hurting by Larry Crabby and Dan B. Al lender, Ph.D.
Guidance, choices, and hope for people struggling with spiritual and emotional pain

On Death and Dying by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
What the dying have to teach, doctors, nurses, clergy and their own families

Personal and Spiritual Growth

Passages by Gail Sheehy
A road map of adult life - seeing the patterns of adult developmental stages

I’m Ok- You’re Ok by Thomas A. Harris
Helping to change the consciousness and behavior of of those who have never felt
ok about themselves

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl
A challenge to find meaning and responsibility for one’s life

Forgive and Forget by Lewis B. Smedes
Healing the hurts we don’t deserve

The Art of Forgiving by Lewis B. Smedes
When you need to forgive and don’t know how

The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine N. Aron
How to thrive when the world overwhelms you

Changes that Heal by Henry Cloud
How to understand your past to ensure a healthier future

The Lies We Believe by Chris Thurman
Learning to replace lies with truth and discover the happiness you’ve been seeking

Quarterlife Crisis by Alexandra Robbins and Abby Wilner
Relevant help to twenty-somethings trying to find their way in a challenging world

An Incomplete Guide to the Rest of Your Life by San D. Gaede
On the road to meaning, purpose and happiness

When the Heart Waits by Sue Monk Kidd
Spiritual direction for life’s sacred questions

Into Abba’s Arms by Sandra D. Wilson
Finding the acceptance you’ve always wanted

Living, Loving and Learning by Leo Buscaglia
A delightful collection of lectures for those eager to accept the challenge of life and to
profit from the wonder of love

The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck
A new psychology of love, traditional values and spiritual growth

Shame and Grace by Lewis B. Smedes
Healing the shame we don’t deserve

Feeling Free by Archibald D. Hart
A guide to show you how to be free in experiencing your emotions and to control and use
them to your benefit

Guilt and Grace by Paul Tournier
How to handle guilt, cope with it all-too-familiar manifestations, and actually transform
it so that it becomes “a friend, because it leads to the experience of grace.”

Healing the Eight Stages of Life by Matthew Linn, Sheila Fabricant and Dennis Linn
An integration of developmental stages with healing prayer in order to pass through
woundedness to become creative, loving children of God

Why Am I Afraid to Tell You who I Am? by John Powell
Insights into self-awareness and interpersonal communication to help us develop
self-esteem and improve our relationship with others

Self-Esteem by Virginia Satir
A simple and succinct declaration of self-worth

Ten Days to Self-Esteem by David D. Burns, M.D.

Clear and compassionate methods that will help you identify the causes of your mood slumps and develop a more positive outlook on life.

The Search for Significance by Robert S. McGee
Seeing your true worth through God’s eyes

The Healing Path by Dan B. Al lender
How the hurts in your past can lead you to a more abundant life

Inside Out by Larry Crabby
Changing by facing the realities of our own internal and letting God mold us into
people who are free to be honest, courageous and loving.

Encouragement by Larry Crabby and Dan. B. Allender
The key to caring

With Open Hands by Henri J. M. Nouwen
In gentle simplicity and challenging insights, we are invited to embark on a prayerful

Grace for the Good Girl by Emily P. Freeman

An invitation to release your tight hold on the familiar, try-hard life and lean into the love of Jesus.


Relationships: Dating and Marriage

Boundaries in Dating by Henry Cloud, Ph.D. and John Townsend. Ph.D.
How healthy choices grow healthy relationships

Love is a Decision by Gary Smalley and John Trent
Proven techniques to keep your marriage alive and lively

Finding the Love of Your Life by Neil Clark Warren
Ten principles for choosing the right marriage partner

7 Secrets of a Healthy Dating Relationship by Les Parrott
Seven powerful ways for both becoming and finding people with whom you can build
healthy relationships

Love Life for Every Married Couple by Ed wheat and Gloria Okes Perkins
How to fall in love, stay in love, and rekindle your love

Remarriage and God’s Renewing Grace by Dwight Harvey Small
A positive biblical ethic for divorced Christians

Relationships by Les and Leslie Parrott
An open and honest guide to making bad relationships better and good
relationships great

Relationships Workbook by Les and Leslie Parrott
Companion to the book

Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts by Les and Leslie Parrott
Seven questions to ask before you marry

When Bad Things Happen to Good Marriages by Les and Leslie Parrott
How to stay together when life pulls you apart

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman
How to express heartfelt commitment to your mate

His Needs Her Needs by Willard F. Harley
Building an affair-proof marriage

As for Me and My House by Walter Wangerin
Crafting your marriage to last

Love is Never Enough by Aaron T. Beck
How couples can overcome misunderstandings, resolve conflicts, and
solve relationship problems through cognitive therapy

Relationships: Family

Making Peace with Your Parents by Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D.
Will show you how to deal with the most fundamental relationships in your life and
in the process, become the happy, creative, and fulfilled person you are meant to be

Perfect Women by Colette Dowling
How to accept our mothers for who they are and how to love and accept ourselves

Making Peace with Your Father by David Stoop Ph.D.
Help with healing childhood hurts, affirm the strong bond between you and make peace
with your father, yourself and with God

Forgiving Our Parents Forgiving Ourselves by David Stoop, Ph.D. and James Masteller, D. Min.
Healing adult children of dysfunctional families

Family Secrets by John Bradshaw
Gives you tools to understand your family and yourself, in an entirely new way

Healing the Shame that Binds You by John Bradshaw
Show us how toxic shame is the core problem in our compulsions, co-dependencies,
addictions and the drive to super achieve Offers techniques to heal our shame

Growing Up Holy and Wholly by Donald E. Sloat, Ph.D.
Understanding and hope for adult children of Evangelicals

Creating a Safe Place by Dut Grayson and Jan Johnson
A guide to help Christians heal from the hurt of growing up in a dysfunctional family

The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce by Judith S. Wallerstein, Julia M. Lewis
and Sandra Blakeslee
Often the greatest effects of divorce do not emerge until adulthood - an explanation and
a help toward hope and healing

Helping Children Survive Divorce by Archibald D. Hart, Ph.D.
Discovering specific ways to help children cope with the psychological and social
difficulties surrounding their parents’ divorce

The Adult Child of Divorce by Bob Burns and Michael J. Brissett, Jr.
An easy-to--read handbook, mapping out a complete recovery process

Reviving Ophelia by Mary Pipher, Ph.D.
An eye-opening look at the everyday dangers of being young and female, and how
adults can help


Real Sex: the Naked Truth about Chastity by Lauren F. Winner
Thoughts on why we should care about chastity.

The Gift of Sex by Clifford L. Penner, Ph.D. and Joyce Penner, Ph.D.
A guide for understanding your own sexuality and the sexual relationship in marriage

Getting Your Sex Life off to a Great Start by Clifford L. Penner, Ph.D. and
Joyce J. Penner, Ph.D.
A guide for engaged and newlywed couples

Secrets of Eve by Archibald D. Hart, Ph,D., Catherine Hart Weber, Ph.D. and
Debra L. Taylor, M. A.
Understanding the mystery of female sexuality

The Sexual Man: Masculinity without Guilt by Archibald. D. Hart, Ph.D.
Offers a sane view of what it means to be male, sexual, and normal

Healing the Masculine Soul by Gordon Dalbey
An affirming message for men and the women who love them

Being Sexual and Celibate by Keith Clark
About the connection between sexuality and celibacy and intimacy, loneliness
relationships, love-human and divine and about prayer

Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction by Mark R. Laaser, Ph.D.
Offers a path that leads beyond compulsive thoughts and behaviors to healing and

What Christians Think about Homosexuality by L. R. Holben
Presents six representative viewpoints, which cover the spectrum of current Christian
thought on homosexuality

The Broken Image by Leanne Payne
Restoring personal wholeness through healing prayer

Growth into Manhood by Alan Medinger
A breakthrough plan for those who lost their direction in their journey into manhood

Homosexuality and the Christian by Mark A. Yarhouse, Psy. D.
A guide for parents, pastors, and friends, introducing a new way to think about the topic

Washed and Waiting by Wesley Hill
Reflections on Christian faithfulness and homosexuality

Love is an Orientation by Andrew Marin
Elevating the conversation with the gay community

Sexual Assault

I Never Called It Rape by Robin Warshaw
Recognizing, fighting and surviving date and acquaintance rape

Resurrection After Rape by Matt Atkinson
A guide to transforming from victim to survivor

Letter to Survivors by Matt Atkinson
Words of comfort for women recovering from rape


I Can’t Get Over It by Aphrodite Matsakis, Ph.D.
A handbook for trauma survivors

Women’s Issues

A Woman Doctor’s Guide to PMS by Andrea J. Rapkin, M.D.
Essential facts and up-to-the-minute information premenstrual syndrome

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
Creating physical and emotional health and healing