Student Testimonials

“It’s given me so much hope, clarity, and insight; like a breath of fresh air.”

“My experience has been more than simply venting my problems with my counselor. I was able to communicate, process, and grow with my counselor. After every session I feel more confident in myself and in the life that I am living.”

“I was struggling for multiple reasons and I felt like my therapist really wanted to get to know me and listen to me while at the same time addressing my issues and making connections between what I was going through and my past experiences. It helped me understand my past more and figure out ways to cope now and in the future. I also never felt like I had issues, because my therapist made it sound as if it was just something I was working through, nothing was wrong with me. I liked that a lot. Thank you so much.”

“I’ve been cutting myself for 3 years, and the counseling center has helped lead me in knowing how to counsel myself to see different perspectives of the situation so that cutting seems unreasonable to me when I am feeling worthless and guilty. I have learned how to control my anxiety and panic attacks, and seek the Lord in times of need. My faith in God has greatly increased because I have experienced the immediate growth and change in my life. Though I still have a long way to go, it’s the first time in a while that I can say I trust myself and in God, that I am stable enough to make the right decisions with a clear mind and purposeful heart.”

“Counseling has helped me remember that I am loved – people do care about me and want to listen to me, and it is nice to have a caring, loving, nurturing, gentle presence to help guide me and walk with me; it is nice to have someone who does not judge me, and helps me realize that I am not defined by my performance and that my voice is important.”

“Just having someone to talk to was great. At first I felt bad that I didn’t have any huge issues, but I was still treated with care and concern and I’ve definitely seen improvements.”

“My counselor was a blessing. She helped guide me to a more empowered and invigorated path in life. She assured me in recognizing the reality and limits in the positive direction and change I can make in this life, and how much God has for us after death.”


“I came into counseling with some brokenness from my family. My dad hurt me but I didn’t know how to process it on my own. I always felt so relieved to talk to someone with 100% honesty and trust. Although I still have more to work through, I do not feel angry at my dad anymore and I feel a lot of hope for our relationship. I feel very blessed by my counselor.”

“My emotional functioning was not at the level that I would have liked to see. After help facilitated by my counselor, I feel confident in expressing, thinking through, and addressing my thoughts and feelings in a healthy way.”