Group of 4Westmont strives to be a community informed and enriched by thoughtful and intentional study of and interaction with multiple cultures. As a liberal arts college rooted in Christ, we celebrate diversity as an aspect of God’s creation; we strive to create community out of rich diversity as an aspect of building God’s Kingdom in the world; we value the range of perspectives on the world that stimulates intellectual and personal growth; and we seek for faculty and staff to apprentice students in the art of dealing with diversity in constructive ways. It is an aim of Westmont to prepare graduates who will function intelligently, effectively and for the good of our increasingly intercultural world.

Westmont College's Commitment to Diversity

Westmont’s 1995 Long Range Plan included eight priorities. One was “that the Westmont community be creatively and energetically responding to the significant issues related to diversity – including both ethnic and gender diversity.” But why? Here are relevant excerpts from the Long Range Plan. more

What “Diversity” Means to Westmont

At its October 2009 meetings, the Board of Trustees approved a statement of key terms and identity. This culminated a lengthy campus effort spearheaded by the Mission and Distinctiveness Task Force and the Strategic Planning Committee to define what Westmont means by “evangelical,” “liberal arts,” and “diversity.”

According to this statement, “To the extent the college becomes more fully evangelical, more steeped in the liberal arts and more richly diverse, it will be more ‘Westmont.’ To understand these terms better, then, is to comprehend the college’s community and task more truly.” Included below is the section on “diversity.” more

Student Leadership

Every student leader engages in a year long leadership program. Part of that training is a focus on diversity and global awareness. Weaving those important issues in and through our student leadership gatherings, our commitment to our student leaders is to foster and create thoughtful leaders, grateful servants, and faithful leaders for global engagement with diverse people. As we delve into issues of leadership, we also explore complex identities as part of the self-awareness that creates great leadership. more

Diversity Committee Fall 2012

Chair: Chris Call
Members: Jason Cha

Stephen Contakes

  Toya Cooper
  Mary Docter
  Jane Higa
  Mark Sargent
  Sarah Skripsky
  Silvio Vazquez

Intercultural Programs

Many different threads need to come together in order to form a beautiful tapestry of color and textures. Our goal at Westmont College is to create an environment in which Christ's kingdom is woven together and wonderfully displayed right on our campus.

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Ethnic/International Student Enrollment Report

Fall semester 2011

GROUP 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Native American/Alaskan 33 30 33 31 20 21 11
Asian - - - - 92 80 71
Asian/Pacific Islander 91 122 135 121 - - -
Black 28 30 32 35 23 18 17
Hawaiian/Pacific Islander - - - - 16 12 8
Hispanic 129 132 143 145 163 165 165
Multi-ethnic - - - - 32 65 82
Non-Resident Alien 10 9 11 10 9 10 15
TOTAL 291 323 354 342 355 371 369
College enrollment 1337 1340 1347 1312 1367 1344 1355
% of Total Enrollment 21.8% 24.1% 26.3% 26.1% 26.0% 27.6% 27.2%