AV Equipment Instructions:

VL104, VL106, PH3, PH4

















1. Projector "On" with SP panel

2. VCR/DVD power on

3. Press either VCR or DVD button on SP panel depending on which unit you will use.

4. Play video. Adjust volume on SP panel.



1. Projector "On" with SP panel

2. Turn on computer if it isn't already on. Power button is on back right of small white computer.

3. Select "Computer" on SP panel

4. Log in and use computer

5. To use a flash drive, plug drive into "USB" connection plate on lectern

6. When finished, select "close all programs and log on as a different user" from the Shutdown menu.



1. Hook up laptop to the port on front of SP panel (VGA and Audio) - Power and network are on side of podium.

2. Projector "On" with SP panel. (Turn Projector on before laptop for best results)

3. Select "Laptop" on SP panel.

4. For laptop audio, plug mini stereo cable (found inside cabinet) to front of SP panel and headphone jack of laptop.