Audio Visual Equipment Use Policy

Academic technology and OAT :
The department of Academic technology is responsible for providing support for the use of current educational tools in academic presentations. This includes training (PowerPoint, video editing, slide show set up etc.) and consultation with individual faculty to match the support with the pedagogical goals of each individual faculty member. Associate Director of this department actively researches new instructional and presentation tools for the classroom to help Westmont College faculty.
The Office of Academic Technology (OAT) is responsible for the care, repair, purchase and set up of audio visual equipment at Westmont College. A trained student staff provide the support for most special events and presentations. Specific policies are listed below.

Equipment Procurement and Inventory:
The OAT. supports and keeps an inventory of all audio visual equipment on campus. Repair and replacement of all items on OAT inventory will be serviced at our cost. The OAT will work with departments to procure audio visual equipment to fit their presentation needs. The department provides the initial funds and is in some cases given the option whether or not to have the equipment placed on the OAT inventory to receive the repair and replacement service. Equipment placed on the OAT inventory become the responsibility of the OAT. with regards to current and future use. Equipment on this inventory may not be moved or altered without coordination with the OAT Audio Visual equipment not on the OAT inventory cannot be guaranteed support or service.

Audio Visual equipment use polices:

On-campus use and set-up of audiovisual equipment: OAT services are staffed primarily by a well trained student staff. As a summary:

Faculty and staff can check-out equipment and request labor for any use or event that is directly related to their job - at no cost;

Students can check out equipment for activities required by a class they are taking - at no cost;

Student organizations can check out equipment and request labor for any use or event sponsored by their organization - but will be recharged.

Faculty and staff can checkout certain equipment for personal use - but will be recharged. Faculty and staff cannot request labor for personal use.


Minimum notice for equipment setup is 24 hours for a weekday 8 - 5 event and 72 hours for evening or weekend event

Training - Anyone who will be operating the equipment must be trained prior to checking out or being allowed to operate the equipment.
Liability for damage The EMO is funded to repair and replace equipment based on the "wear and tear" of normal usage. If equipment is returned with unusual damage, the person or organization will be charged to either repair or replace the equipment, as the situation warrants.
Returning equipment on time As a courtesy, please return equipment on time. Others will probably be waiting to use it. If you do not return it on time, you will be contacted and asked to bring it back ASAP.
Staffing Limitations All of the labor above is also subject to staffing limitations. The support of most events will normally be assigned to student workers. Student staff will have equipment requested for an event set up "by" 15 minutes prior to event start unless otherwise specified. They will not stay with event unless previous arrangements have been made for this either by the requestor or by the E.M.O. manager. When regular staff needs to work overtime, they are subject to the following guidelines:
- They will not work 7 days in a row.
- They will never work more than 12 hours in any one day. Previous permission is required before working more than 8. Sunday events are subject to student worker church attendance schedules.
* These guidelines may limit the services which would otherwise be provided (as would the availability of specific equipment).
Videotaping - video recording of events is provided for the purpose of publishing event video to Westmont iTunes U page. 7 day prior notice is required for this service. A signed permission form is required for each person speaking on video. This service is subject to equipment and staff availability. If recording is not for publish to iTunes U and YouTube, then equipment is made available for user to do their own recording. Westmont College Podcasting project makes training, equipment and support available for faculty or staff who would like to help us tell the story of what is excellent at Westmont.

Off-campus use and set-up of audiovisual equipment: Generally, equipment is not available to be used off-campus, nor will EMO staff set-up equipment at off-campus venues. There are some known exceptions such as: student teachers using video recorders to tape their classroom work; audio taping music performances off-campus; setting up for trustee local off-campus meetings

Community use We will not rent equipment, nor provide setup service for non-Westmont personnel.

Off-campus resources If you need equipment or staffing that we do not provide, see Local Vendors for a list of local resources.