PowerPoint Basics


"Help - I only have 10 minutes before class and I need to use PowerPoint."

Microsoft PowerPoint is an overused, but under-utilized educational tool. Much more than an outline that can be projected on a large screen, PowerPoint can be used as a Portal or "jumping off point" for a wide range of multi-media and internet objects. This tutorial will walk you through the basic set up of a PowerPoint presentation. The first part is "Quick Start" which will guide you through setting up a basic presentation in short period of tiime (15 - 30 minutes). The second part is "Advanced Topics" which will guide you through inserting Audio Visual and internet objects into your presentation.

"QUICK START" PowerPoint

1. Below is the opening view of a new PowerPoint presentation.

2. Pick the "look" of your slides. Click on one of the examples in "Slide Layout" and it will change the look of your blank slide.

3. Click on "design" in the upper right corner to pick a color/theme. Your choice will affect all slides..

4. Click on "new slide" to add ... you guessed it .... new slides to your presentation. Each click adds a new slide.

4. Click on any text box on any slide to enter your text either by typing or by pasting in your already created document.

5. Click on "view" from the menus on the top of this window and select slide show when you are ready to see how the finished presentation will look

powerpoint slide 1






"ADVANCED" PowerPoint

Add a Web link:

1. Type the text you want to appear as your link in a text box on the slide and highlight it.

2. Click on the "Insert" menu on the top of the window and select "hyperlink" from bottom of list.

3. Type in the web address in the "address" box and click "OK". Your link is now embedded into your presentation.

powerpoint slide 2


















Add a Video or Audio clip:

1.Click on the place on the slide where you want to place the clip.

2. Click on "Insert" from the menu at the top of the window and select "Movies and Sounds".

3. Select either "Movie from file" or "Sound from file" and select location you have file saved to.

4. You will have the option to have clip play automatically when page opens or when you click on it.


powerpoint slide 3