2018-2019 Printable Forms

The following form is required of all students who apply for or receive any financial assistance at Westmont, including academic, athletic, music, or other talent scholarships:

Westmont College will verify the application information of any student who completes the Free Application for Federal Student (FAFSA).  The process of verification involves the submission of items that we will compare with the information that you provide on the FAFSA.  Toward that end, please complete and submit the verification worksheet that is appropriate to you.  The vast majority of Westmont students will complete the Dependent Student Verification Worksheet.  If you are not sure which form to complete, please check the Financial Aid Student Portal.

Federal regulations concerning the privacy of student educational records prohibit the Office of Financial Aid from discussing anything related to the student's financial aid with anyone other than the student (including parents!) without the student's prior written consent.  If you (the student) wish to authorize us to discuss your financial aid with any third party, please complete the form listed below and return it directly to the Office of Financial Aid

The following forms and documents are not required of all applicants for financial aid.  Please complete and submit only those items which are specifically requested of you:

We understand that each family's financial situation is unique and that the FAFSA may not give you the opportunity to tell us "the whole story." If you find that there are things that you believe we need to know in order to make better decisions regarding need-based financial aid, but that the FAFSA didn't give you an opportunity to tell us, we want you to let us know! Please use the form below to put together the information that we will use to take your family's particular circumstances into consideration when determining your/your student's eligibility for need-based financial aid.