Welcome New Students!

(Letter sent to new students):


To All Entering Students,

Allow me, Dr. David Hernandez, to welcome you to the Westmont College Student Health Center. During your time at Westmont you will have access to an on-campus health clinic at which a team consisting of physician assistants, a nurse practitioner, medical office coordinator and a physician who are available to take care of your health care needs. Please visit our web page at www.westmont.edu/_offices/health_center to learn more about the health center staff and the services available.

In an effort to better serve you it is important that you complete and send in the necessary forms. Any forms you will need to print, you can find under the "Forms" link on the Health Center webpage. Once you've completed your physical exam and have the forms needed, please mail them to Westmont College Health Center no later than January 5th. The address is provided below.

  1. A physical exam is recommended to be completed before starting school. Have your doctor fill out the physical exam form provided on the website and mail it back to the Westmont Health Center. It may take weeks to get an appointment with your doctor so the sooner you call the better.
  2. An immunization record- this is a list of all immunizations (shots) you have received. You, your doctor or your parents will have this record. Please mail your immunization records (a copy will suffice) back to the Westmont College Health Center, along with your physical. It would be a good idea to make a copy of these vaccinations for your own records.
  3. If you are under 18 years of age please make sure to have your parent sign the Authorization to Treat form, also provided here and again, mail it to the Health Center. This allows you to receive care without your parents being present.

If you have any questions please call us at 805-565-6164 or email ccetti@westmont.edu.

Send all forms to:

Westmont Health Center

955 La Paz Road

Santa Barbara, CA 93108


David Hernandez M.D.


You can find all these forms here:

Health Center Forms