Health Insurance Information

Due to the Affordable Health Care Plan, Westmont will no longer be offering a supplemental health plan policy.

. NOTE: Effective for Fall of 2013 and beyond, this program has been discontinued due to provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and how its governing regulations apply to higher education. Students are encouraged to ensure that they are included on parental policies where possible, or to obtain personal coverage in compliance with the ACA requirement of medical insurance for all US adults. The Student Health Fee for Fall 2013 and beyond has been reduced accordingly.

For more information visit: student insurance

For questions, you may contact Claire Cetti at

For 2012-2013 Students:

Westmont student's secondary insurance plan is covered by:

United States Fire Insurance Company by Fairmont Specialty, a Division of Crum & Forster.

For downloadable insurance information, brochures and claim forms visit

For questions regarding benefits or claims, you may call:

Personal Insurance Administrators, Inc

Toll free 1-800-468-4343




If you any questions or need additional information, contact Claire Cetti at 805-565-6164 or email