Away-Abroad Students: Planning for Fall, 2016, to live on-campus or off-campus locally.

Make fall housing plans in advance

Students going away-abroad, through programs coordinated by the Off-Campus Programs Office, should consider their housing plans for their anticipated return as early as possible. This is particularly important for those who wish to reside off-campus locally and commute because:

  • Requests to live off-campus are considered prior to requests to live in college housing.
  • Westmont limits the number of off-campus commuters.
  • Students must complete some requirements prior to requesting off-campus. See Requirements for Commuters.
Request to be an off-campus local/commuter

Students who plan to be away-abroad for either the Fall or Spring semester may request off-campus commuting for the other semester in the upcoming academic year during the Housing Sign-Ups for Next Year before the March online request deadline. In fact, students may request for both semesters, in the event their plans to study away-abroad are not confirmed by the deadline for requesting off-campus. Of course, once a student's plan to study away-abroad is confirmed by the Off-Campus Programs Office, a request or rservation to be an off-campus commuter for that particular semester would be cancelled by the Housing Office.

Students who are away-abroad during the Spring semester should request to reside off-campus for the subsequent Fall and/or Spring semester(s) by submitting the online request for off-campus by the DEADLINE: March 16, 2016. IMPORTANT: there is NO proxy authorization allowed for off-campus requests. Each student who wishes to request off-campus must submit his or her own online request and attend to the requirements for such a request. In particular, the away-abroad student must have attended a prior Off-Campus Living Workshop in order for their OCL request to be considered. Also, the Off-Campus Living Agreement must be submitted by the OCL request deadline.

Go to Off-Ccmpus Local/Commuting Sign-Ups and Requirements for Commuters for the request form and important information.

Request to live in college housing

It is important to observe the timeline, deadlines and written requirements for various options (see Timeline and Deadlines). The requirement to fill a room or apartment in order to reserve it is in force throughout housing sign-ups. Students who are away-abroad during the Spring semester may request campus housing for the upcoming Fall semester in several ways, but the most important fact is that you must ensure that someone is filling a room with you, and that someone is coming in person to Housing Selection to do so. If you are participating in an early request group (i.e. Squatters Rights, or applying for OV (see below), you do not need someone to attend the Housing Selection event, because early group opportunities precede the Housing Selection event. If your housing will be selected at the Housing Selection event, you should arrange for one or more friends to request your college housing during the event (see Proxy Authorization).

Away-abroad students who wish to reserve an Ocean View (OV) apartment for the Fall semester (OV is managed as college housing, NOT as "off-campus") may be able to participate in squatter's rights with a current Ocean View resident. A second way to reserve an apartment is by online application for Ocean View. A third way is by authorizing a student on campus (see Proxy Authorization) to choose housing on behalf of the student away-abroad during the Housing Selection event in April--as long as the apartment is "filled" (by 3 or 4, according to its capacity).

Since we do not make any individual housing reservations during housing sign-ups, away-abroad students who are not part of a grouping may submit an individual request with the Request for Specific Location form to indicate some location preferences. Such individuals will be assigned Fall housing during the summer.

View your housing and meal plan information

The earliest opportunity to view confirmed Fall housing assignments is in March and April because most Fall housing reservations are made during our annual housing sign-ups. Housing is confirmed by being posted online at the Student Profile, and those approved to reside off-campus will have the housing code "OCL" listed as an "assignment." If the OCL is merely a request or a waitlisting, it will be indicated accordingly. When off-campus is approved, the Housing Office will also confirm it by email.

Away-abroad students who reserve a room with current residents through Squatters Rights with the Resident Directors (RDs) will have their assignment posted online shortly after Squatters Rights. Students who reserve an Ocean View apartment through the application process will have their housing assignment affirmed by email from the Housing Director, and it will be posted online at a later date.